slla test virginia

endobj Our professional instructors created this comprehensive course to help you master these objectives.

- Concepts & Theories, Lesson 2 - Educational Leadership Theories in Practice, Lesson 3 - Qualities of Effective Leadership, Lesson 4 - What is Ethical Leadership? 3 0 obj The lessons are created to cover topics on school vision, the school community and professional standards. Promoting Good Behavior & Safety in School, Practice test: Promoting Good Behavior & Safety in School, Ch 9. x��h��X-��J'��\����ڭ�X�� `�_���\u����ˮ+W�j;�?����~����nʮn��v��]=�}s��3.����7���gQʲ8��=��}�g��o�-��w��׷o>�B���5;�lz�v]�rz_� 7 ���v}�`���+u$�n�p��3�F�������S���%�Y�k�.ɧ�&A�+��#�X@��#y�L�����Q��!|�o ��p��l*�U�ZN���_b�r��;��ܥٮFh���=���զm�cKh�V{x>�@ӌ��i.��w�{GT��©�^��b+�6�ê\�fM�Q+�D�T� ���QENmZ�f�j�iT��A豒=bX��O�5�X����.l ��w�Cu����E�%���Z(��}Y��ݓoBx�J�k��I`�X�Xɩ��%E��7�j���'Hk�ҿa��!�����PZ,�A�F�+���U���jm�|��!�26.SI�3�~� iaQ��jS���Y$����Ό�s. You will need to create an account for the School Licensure series.

By using I feel I was over prepared for the test I took.


Presented in an engaging format, this course gives you all the material you will need to be successful on the SLLA. Try

All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The lesson and chapter quizzes are available to make sure you are ready for exam day.

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- Definition & Examples, Lesson 3 - Building a Collaborative Environment Within the School Community, Lesson 4 - How to Create Partnerships with the Local Community, Lesson 5 - Promoting Community Involvement in Schools, Lesson 6 - Using Partnerships to Support Education Programs, Lesson 7 - Interagency Collaboration & Its Impact on School Policy, Lesson 8 - Developing Shared Commitments Across the School Community, Lesson 9 - Developing Positive School Culture & Learning Environments, Lesson 10 - Involving Parents & Caregivers in Student Education, Lesson 11 - How to Report Learning Progress to Students & Parents, Lesson 12 - Building a Collaborative Environment Between Home & School, Lesson 13 - Celebrating Contributions within a School Community, Lesson 14 - Media Communication Strategies for School Leaders, Lesson 1 - Strategies for Working with Diverse Students & Communities, Lesson 2 - Involving Diverse Communities in School Planning & Improvement, Lesson 3 - Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT): Theory, Research & Strategies, Embracing Diversity in the School Community, Lesson 1 - School Principals as Role Models for Professional Development, Lesson 2 - Teacher Professional Development Goals, Lesson 3 - Teacher Professional Development Activities, Lesson 4 - Innovative Thinking & Risk Taking in a School Community, Lesson 5 - Improving Performance Through Teacher Evaluations, Lesson 6 - Tools for Observing Teachers in Classrooms, Lesson 7 - Instructional Coaching: Post-Observation & Feedback, Lesson 8 - Instructional Coaching: Implementing & Monitoring Progress, Setting Professional Standards in Schools. Interacting with the Educational Policy Environment, Practice test: Interacting with the Educational Policy Environment, School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA): Study Guide & Practice, Biological and Biomedical Once you take the test, you will receive a detailed report complete with your personal statistics Lesson 1 - What is a Behavior Management Policy? Your service was wonderful. %���� today. stream SLLA Test Prep Comments Book & Contact Us Self-Paced Courses Newsletter Publications and Honors Services Offered > Click Picture to See Resources. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal

All lessons are available at any time in our online platform. School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) (6011) Assessments VIRGINIA COMMUNICATION AND LITERACY ASSESSMENT The Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) became effective January 1, 2006, for individuals seeking an initial Virginia …

The testing requirements vary by state, so it’s important to know the rules in your area. Risk-free.

This course is designed to prepare you for the SLLA, covering all of the topics outlined in the official test materials provided by the Educational Testing Service. 2 0 obj Lesson 2 - Whole-School Approach to Behavior Management, Lesson 3 - How School Leaders Maximize Academic Success via Student Behavior Management, Lesson 5 - Bullying, Suicide & Violence in Schools, Lesson 6 - Cyberbullying Solutions for Schools, Lesson 7 - Preventing School Failure, Truancy & Dropout, Lesson 8 - Role of School Leaders in Identifying Student Mental Health Conditions, Lesson 10 - Post-Crisis Procedure for Schools, Lesson 11 - School Emergencies & Security Concerns, Lesson 12 - How School Leaders Use External Resources for Student Health & Safety, Promoting Good Behavior & Safety in School, Lesson 1 - What Are Operational Plans for a Business? Test takers who are requesting fee assistance or disability services must register by mail and include required supporting documents.

Embracing Diversity in the School Community, Practice test: Embracing Diversity in the School Community, Ch 4. was very thorough and covered each thing in great detail. It can be taken any number of times for your own practice.

��%O��,^��#]4u�>T�%�r�-���X58��#k��iy-�G�}�_���V���I4AV���$)�H2D�aE,-��kո �o�l�+�����Ї�(��p���!��ApT�4A�����D�j�y��X�c�����Gr�d"�ɂ�>tcD����;7 �ȝ{�)XW�N?ɉ�Ug����P�*�Ed��$ �9� q�`i�R0.��т?�U߃�ޣ��ȯ����q�7(���_�������0x����g�����p���+"�?qV|��C��ͯ7��eE��F����돿����4�@� HP

Managing School Operational Systems, Practice test: Managing School Operational Systems, Ch 10.

This course will prepare you for the school leaders licensure assessment. is the winner of the 2020 Tech Edvocate award for the best testing/tutoring app, as well as the 2019 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award. A number of states and US territories require the SLLA for anyone looking to be licensed as a school or curriculum administrator. $�"�M� K��G2��on9��]"% Z:0r�=E�S,�=�IVY��o!��Q�tK�)5u%tp� �;K��S�(�\4cI��A"Љ�z�m��٘G1nl/��5�H�eET�ᑕ�������W���޵��U�B%ö5ʯ{G�1[�����-�FQw(�y���Kpm�4�^����5:A��0�g�q� [\}M�ɫE dN x�y�1ʪ'�%)��xSi5B�� �U1��!��V Setting Professional Standards in Schools, Practice test: Setting Professional Standards in Schools, Practice test: Curriculum Design & Development, Practice test: Using Data & Assessment in School, Ch 7. Try exam prep today. <>>> Creating & Implementing a School Vision, Practice test: Creating & Implementing a School Vision, Practice test: Engaging the School Community, Ch 3. �_�g��L��?��q�,��}�5�?�C�A7�Ҁ;�D���1�Dd� The short lessons allow you to study in short segments, or whole chapters at a time. Lesson 3 - Identifying the Scope of Curriculum Development, Lesson 4 - Using Current Research to Design Curriculum, Lesson 5 - Standards-Based Curriculum: Development & Implementation, Lesson 6 - Curriculum Implementation: Steps & Challenges, Lesson 7 - Curriculum Evaluation: Process & Models, Lesson 8 - Refining Curriculum To Promote Student Learning, Lesson 9 - Instructional Planning: Quality Materials & Strategies, Lesson 10 - Helping Educators Implement New Instructional Strategies, Lesson 11 - Differentiated Instruction: Adapting the Learning Environment for Students, Lesson 12 - Using Data to Increase Student Achievement, Lesson 1 - Steps in Preparing Educational Assessments, Lesson 2 - The Process of Reviewing Educational Assessments, Lesson 3 - Administering Assessments in the Classroom, Lesson 4 - School Processes Data in Education: Meaning & Analysis, Lesson 5 - Student Learning Data in Education: Use & Application, Lesson 6 - Analyzing Different Types of Data for School Improvement, Lesson 7 - Norm- vs. Criterion-Referenced Scoring: Advantages & Disadvantages, Lesson 8 - Summarizing Assessment Results: Understanding Basic Statistics of Score Distribution, Lesson 9 - Summarizing Assessment Results: Comparing Test Scores to a Larger Population, Lesson 10 - Using Technology to Organize Educational Assessment Data, Lesson 1 - Assessing School & Student Needs in School Improvement Plans, Lesson 2 - Translating Educational Research into Practice, Lesson 3 - Using Educational Research for Program Evaluation, Lesson 4 - Developing Implementation Goals & Strategies in School Improvement Plans, Lesson 5 - Monitoring & Updating School Improvement Plan Practices, Lesson 6 - Continuous Data Evaluation in School Improvement, Lesson 7 - Promoting Faculty Engagement in the School Improvement Process, Developing Whole School Improvement Plans. Defining & Maintaining Ethical Standards in Schools, Practice test: Defining & Maintaining Ethical Standards in Schools, Ch 12.

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