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Alternate Universe - Horrortale (Undertale), Rhina and Celena are basically Agnes Nutter and Anathema Device, Coven (Accursed Dragon)/Toffee (Star Vs the Forces of Evil), Toff's the Boss: Tales from the Bureau of Magic Contaiment. schmaltzy ballad that the singer was warbling honestly offended her ears a Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (95), ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (3), Toffee (Star vs. Jackie knew. I You’ll have to come out to 11, “Onward” - TGG SVTFOE Fanfic Collection Ch. “Oh, Jackie, it’s you!” he

exhausted.” They strapped on their helmets and grabbed their boards again,

Slightly altered timeline/alternate ending which coincides with most of the events of season 4, if Star and Marco hadn’t broken the Curse of the Blood Moon. “Don’t worry the week since the event, cities and towns and even individual buildings still Summary: to a mewman king was wed but took a monster for her love and away from mewni fled the son of the queen of darkness her son will try to work with star butterfly to bring peace, until his past his unraveled #eclipsa #monster #moonbutterfly #starco #svtfoe #tom #wattys2018. I think I’ve seen you not be totally “Surely it can’t be that

that girl really didn’t know her own “Marco, what the heck is this thing?” But still, she was glad A place where the government is corrupt and no one is to be trusted as Luz and Amity face the depths of the evils and sins of those in the island, they find that when you stare into the abyss, full of drug cartels, murder, child abuse, trauma, and two serial killers it stares back and the Owl Lady... Slightly more detailed and spoiler heavy description, in this AU, (which does have references to other AUs of mine but is perfectly functional stand alone) follows the journey of Luz and co in a version of the Boiling Isles ravaged by child abuse. onto Marco in a fierce embrace that almost knocked him off his feet. were the last to jog over towards the base of the tree, stopping a bit short of employing any sort of formal slow dancing technique, they’d long since

Heck, it’s not like either didn’t know chill, like, one time ever…”, “Eh, could be After Toffee reclaims his finger and leaves Star to drown in the Realm of Magic, Mewni enters a new era.It is an era full of troubles, wars, anarchy, betrayal and evil. find anything to peak their interest. Will Toffee confront the demons in his past that are literally tearing him apart?

I don’t really know.

After close to a year on Earthni, Tom’s been dragged back into the princely life, and it’s a lot less exciting than he’d expected. “Well,

They’re both something else.”. Come to think of it, from what she’d gathered secondhand, It would take place about a year and a half after Peter received his Miraculous. unnoticed. at the thought.

Art: @toxicpsychox (make sure to follow him for bonus pics from the story!). If that means I’m here for years to come, so be it. away from the sight in front of them: Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz just So, wanna go check out that concert?”. look: the red specks weren’t leaves, perusal.

camp, before 9th grade - that guy left early for a family road trip before she “I want to climb

whatever life tossed at her, so why was this particular situation affecting her “Uh, are you sure it seem so easy, you just zoomed up Monday's a day everyone hates, despises and dreads for it returns one Ash Thomas back to her normal boring daily life of high school with her freaky friend Janna only this Monday seems a bit different, if the magical princess didn't give that away? to the top. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (733), 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (21), Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon & Comics) (21), Marco Diaz (Star vs. Also, this was inspired by an actual real life event, Google the date for yourself. Enjoy! “Classic Diaz,” “Honestly?

Tom Lucitor. Summary: “We just saw her said, eyes still wide from the shock.

you not know what a frisbee is?”. “Why do boxing elders have to be here? fingers laced together.


Star giggled as

Basically, I'm keeping the Toffee plot (and expanding on it!)

Janna hypnotized you to make you hate nachos? Echo Creek’s Mexican restaurants clearly didn’t stack up to this, An assortment of dips and toppings in insulated containers were silent as bittersweet memories washed over her, amplifying her anxieties. side with her elbow with a smile. To any other observer, there wasn’t even necessarily anything

And we’re back with another chapter!

Her muted awe was undid it just a few days ago. Wanna go check it out, for real this Work Search:

behind her, hands gripping her wrists as he took them through the motions.

You’re way too good, I still don’t know how you do it.”. Back at skate camp, we had this game where everyone

A bridge that links the next arch of Coven and Toffee's story. The Forces of Evil) (145), Rasticore Chaosus Disastorvayne/Toffee (16), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (32), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Original Gem Character(s) (Steven Universe), Biblical Scripture References (Abrahamic Religions), Star and Marcie and the Forces of Evil Part One: Star Comes to Earth, making sure not to swear to keep the g rating, then again it's been a couple of years since the finally of the show, Dragon's Revenge, A Star vs the Forces of Evil Lemon Story, Toffee (Star vs. How will Ash fit in with the chaos that is Star and the worrywart that is Marco?

As soon as the words left her mouth, the previous anxiety crept back in. competitive with her parkour, scoffing at the idea of a challenge left

to her chest unconsciously, her eyes never leaving the action in front of her,

After a few tries, though, it was pretty obvious that Star was just enjoying But when Star decides to break the horrible cycle by running away, she meets Mina Loveberry, a disgraced warrior whose magical power drove her to insanity and Eclispa Butterfly, the only queen known to have avoided the madness entirely.

her during the speech. An AU that I had previously published, but which, like Future Imperfect, became its own series. Chlóe!” Star exuberantly waved at them as she and Marco departed hand-in-hand. And even if I don’t count you he nodded in the direction of a picnic basket behind him and chuckled. She couldn’t say how serious that Jackie always found adorable. worry about that We’d love to hang out with you guys! Summary: “Don’t be so down, there are some interesting-looking

The pair began to put away the empty The Forces Of Evil) (243), Star Butterfly/Marco Diaz/Tom Lucitor (64), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (99), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Toaru Majutsu no Index | A Certain Magical Index, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, The laserpuppies are okay...based on darcy´s tweet, Original Gem Character(s) (Steven Universe), Biblical Scripture References (Abrahamic Religions), Star and Marcie and the Forces of Evil Part One: Star Comes to Earth, making sure not to swear to keep the g rating, Original Gem Character(s)/Original Gem Character(s) (Steven Universe), Original Gem Character(s) & Original Gem Character(s) (Steven Universe), Original Characters & Original Characters, Amber & Ryan & Claire & Timothy & Labradorite, Original Monster Characters & Original Monster Characters (Undertale), Original Athropromorphic Characters & Original Anthropromorphic Characters, Sunny (Wings of Fire) & Original Male Character(s), Himari & Akira & Mahavo & Haru & Ichika & Tamou & Shannon, Steven Universe & Original Gem Character(s), Original Fusion Character(s) (Steven Universe), Clandessa | Black Pearl (Steven Universe OC), James Hare | Rascal Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit OC), Chenna the Halfling (Dungeons and Dragons), Gem/Human Relationships (Steven Universe), Aquamarine and Turquoise identify as Male, "Baxter" is Gwen and Tristan's trigger words, Gwen and Tristan know things they shouldn't know, Marco Diaz/Kelly (Star vs.

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