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Just play a few games before passing judgement. 2x MV1 Gun Drone: 4x Pulse carbine DT: TY7 Devilfish [6 PL, 103pts]: Burst cannon . We’ve now shut down that unit in the following turn. It combines fast movement with lots of cheap units to move aggressively early in the game. Crisis Shas’ui: 3x Flamer . The best thing that can be said about the Ta’unar’s short time at the 750-point mark was that it was undercosted (or appropriately costed, depending on whether you are talking to someone who owns one) just long enough for Richard Siegler to demolish Nick Nanavati’s Harlequins with it on stream. Overall it’s another aggressive list that takes advantage of T’au mobility to deliver threats when and where they need to be. © 2018 Frontline Gaming. Have any questions or feedback? Especially compared to those of other races like “Tyranids, GSCs ets. Once you’re past that, T7 2+ 3++ is a formidible defensive statline and the Riptides are as dangerous as ever. The Fireblade and Darkstrider suffer particularly badly, as you’re going to have way fewer Fire Warriors around (though a few highly accurate markerlights to set up stratagems remains good). 9x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Pistol + Pulse Rifle: 9x Photon grenades, 9x Pulse pistol, 9x Pulse rifle . I don’t know what they are working on, but if I had to guess, I’d say that they’re working on 9th edition codex books. However, I’m a little skeptical that we’re going to see much of the Ghostkeel unless the 9th edition T’au codex updates its stat-line and abilities.

From the options you have, Breachers are almost certainly the best, given 9th favouring close engagements and the extra resilience the Guardian drone brings, with one or two units of Kroot also being potentially worth a look just because of how good being able to stuff some obsec units into terrain mid-board early on is proving – that pre-game move is going to do some real work for you in missions with close-but-out-of-deployment zone objectives. With the new rules for Overwatch, it would be easy to think that the T’au Empire has lost one of its most popular advantages. XV25 Stealth Battlesuit teams take a hit (+4 ppm, to 18, 26 with guns) as scout deploy seems to come at a cost premium across the range. High speed + fly keyword also means they can pop out from behind terrain in a way that most other factions cannot, letting them leverage that ability to hide into alpha strikes. A canny T’au player will use this to his advantage. Because you’ll never have psykers, Abhor the Witch will always be a good option against Grey Knights, Thousand Sons, and Daemons with lots of psykers. (Note: Richard believes that Mont’ka allowing Tau units to ignore their fall back move that turn is not intended and has sought clarification from the playtesting and rules teams. Custom Sept Battalion – Hardened Warheads/GIfted Pilots, HQ: Coldstar, 4 missile pods, 2 marker drones, puretide engram chip – 190 HQ: Ethereal on Hover Drone, 1 shield drone, Warlord – through unity devastation – 75, Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight, guardian drone, marker drone – 70 Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight – 50 Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight, guardian drone, marker drone – 70, Elite: Riptide, amplified ion accelerator, 2 SMS, ATS, Velocity Tracker – 320 Elite: Riptide, heavy burst cannon, 2 SMS, ATS, Velocity Tracker – 305, Fast Attack: 4 Shield Drones, 6 Marker Drones – 120 Fast Attack: 4 Shield Drones, 6 Marker Drones – 120 Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73, Dedicated Transport: Devilfish, 2 SMS, 2 seeker missiles – 123 Dedicated Transport: Devilfish, 2 SMS, 2 seeker missiles – 123, Custom Sept Patrol – Hardened Warheads/GIfted Pilots, Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73 Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73.

What is even the point of DE in 9th edition? Again the Piranhas and Tetras can be used to zoom around the board and capture objectives or score Engage on All Fronts, move block objectives with their relatively large hulls, and charge into your opponent’s key shooting elements. The latter has a minor impact with regard to ignoring other rules that prevent character targeting like, Crisis Bodyguard: Advanced targeting system, 2x Airbursting fragmentation projector, Crisis Bodyguard: Advanced targeting system, 2x Cyclic ion blaster, Crisis Bodyguard: Advanced targeting system, 2x Airbursting fragmentation projector, XV8-02 Crisis Iridium battlesuit, Crisis Bodyguard: Advanced targeting system, Cyclic ion blaster, Fusion blaster, 4x Fire Warrior: 4x Photon grenades, 4x Pulse blaster. Chances are, if you stay put, you’re either shooting into combat (and most vehicles weapons are Heavy, so mostly at -1 to hit), or will be shooting through either Dense Cover, or won’t have LoS through the new cover rules. For further flexibility, they also have the Master of War ability, letting you choose between Kauyon and Mont’ka styles of warfare depending on their foe. You can also look at new kinds of screening units, like Kroot, since you can now escape even when you’re surrounded. Instead of relying on savior protocols, the 9th edition T’au army relies on cheap throw away units that are fast enough to close the gap. It will be revealed soon I bet. Both the relevant options here get way worse – Dahyak gets absolutely bodied on points while the Firesight’s various gimmicks of filling out a vanguard and chilling out alone at the back of armies both get vastly worse this edition. Since thawing out, Brian’s been busy playtesting and even winning a recent Grand Tournament, stateside. Codex Tau Empire [k546dyo3pxn8]. (1-10) rate. Fire Warrior Shas’ui: Pulse blaster . How are you planning to serve the Greater Good in the new edition? Thanks, Brian! Meanwhile, the Piranhas can split up and will drop off drones when they die, providing a backup angle on the same thing. Make the model more tough and more dangerous. JSJ, terrible drone rules). The T’au faction focus article for 9th ed 40k is here! er . These can be small Drone squads or even the fleet-footed Kroot. TX4 Piranha: 2x MV1 Gun Drone, Burst cannon, DT: TY7 Devilfish [6 PL, 103pts]: Burst cannon . Most of the T’au changes introduced in the FAQs aside from the adjustment to For the Greater Good that we mentioned above involved Tidewall fortifications, though there were a few notable exceptions: 9th edition introduced new points values for almost every unit in the game, increasing the points costs of most units and T’au were no exception. Everything we have is Fly. For this bit, we’ve awoken Brian Pullen from cryogenic stasis to bring us the teachings of Commander Puretide in person. Armies need to be aggressive about pushing out and while T’au gunlines and castles were never particularly a powerful way to play the army in 8th, they’re even less viable in 9th, where T’au players will have to rely on the army’s mobility to capture objectives and block enemy movement. Until that point, however, I think that the Ghostkeel still has some play. It doesn’t offer T’au players much in the way of offensive output, but it does offer some useful utility in other areas of the game. A special thanks to theArtofWar40k’s Richard Siegler for helping write this Faction Focus. More importantly, though, the changes to obscuring terrain are a HUGE benefit for Drukhari vehicles, because before it was all but impossible to hide them due to their size and awkward proportions, whereas now it will be much easier to. Tau still are kings of Overwatch, but can’t fly away from combat and shoot anymore. Your other option for that remains the Remora, which goes up by a pretty small amount. With their nascent civilization working together as one ‘for the Greater Good’, the T’au Empire developed at an astonishing rate. Otherwise it’s going to be very hard to play Tau. They also provide a hefty hull to screen other CHARACTERs with. 40k 9th edition faction focus featured Richard Siegler Tactics tau tau empire Warhammer 40k, ©  2020 Goonhammer. Crisis Shas’ui: 3x Burst cannon . Fire Warrior Shas’ui: Pulse rifle . This has languished for a while thanks to its cost being very high relative to the Riptide, and while that’s true the gap has narrowed, as it stayed the same price. 8th Edition was up and down for the T’au empire, but it was more a question of how good they were rather than them ever being weak. Actually, I meant they were the faction of .

Have to wait and see! . By popular demand, we’re adding in a late entrant here – just one list that doesn’t go all in on Farsight Enclaves, using some of the elements that were popular towards the end of 8th and a few new things for 9th. Ah, I see it now. We’d expect most armies to be aiming at a Battalion and then one or two patrols to squeeze more commander slots in, and within that you likely run the minimum amount of Troops possible unless you want to fill a Devilfish with a full squad. He further amps up a unit of Crisis bodyguards if you’re going in on that plan too. Richard: In 9th edition T’au have switched from a durable, late-game oriented army that focused on whittling down your opponent’s resources and coming back to win the mission to being a cheap, fast, MSU-heavy army that throws many different units at the opponent in order to score points, move block objectives, and tag your opponent’s shooting.

The T’au are still the undisputed masters here. ... Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire FORCES OF THE TAU This section of the book details the forces used by the Tau – their weapons, the units, and the famous special characters you can use, such as High Commander Shadowsun or Master Shaper Laqi of Pech.

I suggest this rule specifically because The Greater Good introduced the very same ability — but in the form of a relic, the Advanced EM Scrambler. You’ll have to plan ahead to block enemy movement to ensure that you’re able to hold the objectives you clear. It’s worth saying that while Coldstars caught a hit, their absurd mobility is better than ever on 9th’s smaller boards – there’s genuinely nowhere safe from them, and clutch plays to steal objectives at critical moments are a vital game winning tactic. Though many races have aggressively opposed the T’au Empire’s rapid expansions, there are many species – such as the Kroot and Vespid – who have found common cause with the ideals of the Greater Good, and readily fight alongside the Fire caste warriors as auxiliaries. .

The nerf to multi-charge means there is now no way to effectively charge a T’au castle in 9th – in 8th you could use a unit that can’t be overwatched that can fight twice, but that no longer works because you auto-fail your charge if you declare on the stuff behind the screen, but if you don’t, you can’t fight it.

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