tenancy deposit scheme reviews

In question was a significant sum of money, with an unscrupulous landlady trying to claim many thousands beyond even the deposit, with very little evidence. The agents would not communicate with us at all for over 3 weeks so we had to raise the dispute to get them to respond.

I had a dispute with the estate agents that had been ongoing for quite some time. Their report was very objective and fair and judgment was based on evidence provided and rights of tenant and landlord.

We’re very sorry that you're not happy with the experience you've had with TDS. I am a first time user. They saw the pictures of both sides and made a decision. We placed our absolute faith in this scheme to be able to wield out any sort of bias or unfairness as tenants and they completely let us down. Good afternoon Ben, thank you for your feedback. embarrassing! Cannot recommend TDS highly enough!

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The lettings agents know how to play this game.

Best regards,A very satisfied Mr & Mrs M .

The agents even put down that a curtain, which was basically missing a plastic hook to go onto rail which made it look uneven was "damage" and awarded them not the full amount of £50, but £10?

Management need to sort this out. It didn't even take very long at all!Thank you so much as its super helpful to have someone to help tenants who often get fleeced!Maria O.

Why even bother signing a tenancy agreement in the first place?Disappointing service. I had really hard time to get my rent deposit back from my loadlord/ property manager leaders estate agents. Do you agree with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)’s 4-star rating?

Do you agree with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)’s 4-star rating? Landlord wanted to return £100.

We are very happy that you have enjoyed your experience with TDS. How many times have agents/landlords gotten away with refurbishing a flat on a tenants expense? I would never have my deposit "protected" by TDS again!

They analyse the case properly and rely on evidences provided by both sides. Special mention to our "resolution executive" Megan Ward who went far beyond what most people would expect of the role. ), the KfH wouldn't release my deposit untill C. Edgar looked into this.Moreover the retained part of the deposit w/o providing satisfying explanations (despite my requests).Again Ms Edgar offered calm advise and was able to get the landlord to return the full deposit.I'm grateful for your calm professionalism.Bless you!

The lettings agents know how to play this game.

I am extremely happy with the professional manner TDS conducted my case and the judgement of the adjudication report. Shoutout to Megan Ward at TDS especially for being a superstar when it came to responding to any and all of my queries (and putting up with my fairly snarky comments regarding the estate agent with full professionalism! I see that other people have faced the same issue, where the adjudicator awards half of the claim to the agent/landlord. Is this common practice so that you can be done with the case and move to the next one?How can the adjudicator say that they are not taking into consideration the fact that the agent/landlord were in breach of contract? She understood my point of view and was incredibly helpful and made everything pain free - Thank you !I couldn't recommend TDS enough, they're there when you need them to be. Got deposit back from tenants with no problems as tenants agreed, so was quite straight forward.

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