tim and fred williams

397,127, This story has been shared 100,897 times. In 2020, the channel gained attention when their videos reacting to popular music, heard for the first time by the duo, became the subject of numerous news stories and publicity. “We need more young folks like you. ), but it is free of posturing. We've received your submission. Tim and Fred, 22-year-old twins from Gary, Indiana, have been uploading reaction videos for about a year. Instagram model sues Tony Toutouni over dog photoshoot incident! There are few things more intoxicating than introducing someone to a band you know they'll love. The twins, Tim and Fred, are from Gary, Indiana and share a YouTube channel which has amassed over 400 thousand subscribers. "I'm a 58 yr old white woman who is reliving her life thru the music you guys are choosing to listen to," says one user, on the twins'. https://t.co/gmrNUdV7Q0. People on Twitter were simply charmed by Tim and Fred Williams, two black men in their early twenties from Gary, Indiana who post reaction videos of them hearing particular songs for the first time. Dolly Parton doesn't need any help, but there's no clearer sign that her music has stood the test of time than seeing these twins enjoy it.

Despite reaching over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube—both twins proudly posted their silver play buttons on Instagram when they received them—the Williams' twins don't seem to have fallen prey to the irony plague that is so pervasive to the online experience. A pair of rap-loving twins from Gary, Indiana, are going viral with a series of moving YouTube videos depicting their reactions to hearing oldies for the first time. "You could be having a bad day, and watch one of our videos and be uplifted," Fred adds. In light of nationwide racial tensions, the duo “wants to bring people together because there’s no color to music,” says Tim. Young black people have become the tastemakers of the internet. The video in question has gathered over 4 million views, and fans are going crazy for the dynamic duo. ", And yes, they really have never heard of these songs -- even the so-called classic ones many rail about. The same day they uploaded the now-viral Phil Collins reaction video, they also uploaded reactions to five other songs, including. "We do so many videos a day," he told CNN. The twins, Tim and Fred, are from Gary, Indiana and share a YouTube channel which has amassed over 400 thousand subscribers. (CNN)The almost eight-minute long video begins with Tim Williams and his twin brother, Fred, sitting side by side. A friend told him later. Tiffany said: “He came home and told me he had this idea of creating a YouTube channel where people would watch him listening to various songs for the first time.”, “I said to him: ‘How are you going to earn a living doing that? Part of their success, it seems, is that watching them listen to a song for the first time makes viewers remember their own first times with songs. Their mother, Tiffany, told The Sun that she was determined that the twins complete their education. The brothers' reaction to the song "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys, "Jolene" by Dolly Parton,[10] and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by Annie Lennox prompted direct social media reactions from the artists. That’s something you do on the side, for fun.'”. But the twins are able to pursue their other passions too. That uplifting, in a year seemingly filled with bad days, is rare -- but at least we have their channel. not gonna lie: I've been blasting @PhilCollinsFeed "In the Air Tonight" at window shaking volume at least once a day since watching those two kids geek out over that drum line in the middle of the song. When asked why they think their videos resonate, Fred is quick to respond. Your Ad Choices The pure joy they get from discovering songs is delightful -- and appealing. "When I was a kid growing up, all we listened to was rap," Tim said.

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