xenoblade chronicles dolphin slowdown

For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!. At what point in the plot will the time-limited quests in Alcamoth expire forever.

Like I said, no issues with sound when there's slowdown, and Agniratha's really resource-intensive.

Add this Gecko Code to the game config (Right-click on the game → Properties → Edit Config, paste into the [Gecko] section), This will unlock 60 FPS mode for everything but movies.

Xenoblade uses a real time battle system, allowing the player to control his movement and attacks at will while party members attack automatically. PAL version tested; slight sound issues (crackling every now and then, very minor), so far (2 hours into the game) no other issues - rocksolid 30FPS/60 VFPS at 2560x1600 with 4x Internal Resolution; JIT Recompiler, OpenGL, no AA, 1xAF.

Should you always have shulk in the party? No sound problems with HLE. PAL version tested; Doesn't have crackling sound! I'd list comp specs but I already did at registration so I'm guessing you can see them. Support .

Since 5.0-4869, this problem can be solved by enabling ubershaders. It's only happened once; I will update this page if it occurs again. Or should I just get a NA or JP version of the game? Speed Shift is one of Fiora's auras in Xenoblade Chronicles. Additional hardware details: 2x 512GB Samsung 850 Pro in RAID 0 on an LSI 9361-8i yielding 1200MBps read/write.

More details can be found on the Dolphin Forums. Target Unfortunately, travel is slow for such a big game.

Using the Xbox 360 Button replacement scheme via "Load Custom Textures" under advanced.

Xenoblade Chronicles Battle Speed Slowdown.

Runs at 30FPS, 2.5x native, with 8xAA. Help setting up max Xenoblade graphics on Dolphin? 3x Native, and 4x SSAA, anything higher seemed like overkill for a huge performance hit. SPOILERS, One major issue I have with the plot in this game... (Ch. Settings are: D3D9; No-AA (as it causes issues with the game); EFB copies: Virtual and RAM; OpenMP Texture Decoder; and HLE audio with Dsound back-end.

I try all audio configuration.

How do i beat the solidum telethia and tyrea on high entia tomb?

If you use an unlisted IR, then it's okay to choose something close to it but not exact (choose x4 or x8 if you're running x6 IR). The RAM in these consoles is SRAM, smaller but faster than the SDRAM used in a PC.

Seemed to occur more under DSP HLE sound emulation. After a good amount of testing with graphical options, found that DX9 and DX11 are the best choices. Video backend was OpenGL. Archived. Is there a way to make it rain/thunderstorm?

Ether Playable, but audio crackle combined with massive slowdown every so often and during battle. *Series Spoilers*. To avoid this issue, you can simply disable Immediately Present … No sound bug/crackle using HLE on vlakipn build (using XAudio2). After maybe 3 hours of play in one sitting, the audio can become garbled and requires a restart of the emulator. Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed. PAL version tested; Plays nearly perfect. Running at 4x Native, 2x AA, and 16x AF,and with EFB to RAM at 1080p Fullscreen. Fixed by enabling CPU clock override and raising it to 125%. :D, PAL version with 60VPS patch and HLE Patch applied. IdleSkipping ON, accurate Vbeam emulation ON (this one helped a lot) also OpenGL gives the best results for me with the least fuck ups and most accurate results, LLE is locked to core, also I assume that with a dual core clocked less than 3GHz you should disable Sound all together if your rig doesn't give you good results, this will also result in a big speedup, for me e6600 @ 3GHz wasn't playable with stable best looking settings and memory management but I still have to try out very low memory timings on less FSB, it could be viable because an increase of 150MHz from 3000 to 3150 shouldn't let me jump from 76/84/96-98% to an even 98-100% (114/126/140 without framelimit/throttle) in big locations or with dozens of monsters.

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