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Navigation In his fourth labor, on a side portion of his quest, Hercules killed the Caucasian Eagle, who may or may not have been a child of Echidna.

Most of the stories about Echidna deal with other, more prominent mythological figures. She had the horses and promised to return them if Heracles would have sex with her. Finally there is Scylla, whom Odysseus had encounted, but was slain by Heracles outside of his labors. [20] In any case, the lyric poet Lasus of Hermione (6th century BC), has Echidna and Typhon as the parents of the Sphinx,[21] while the playwright Euripides (5th century BC), has Echidna as her mother, without mentioning a father. She presided over rot, slime, felid waters, illness, and disease. [34] (Though Hesiod here may possibly be referring to Echidna's mother Ceto's home cave instead). 42355 Typhon I Echidna is the name of a large moon that orbits the scattered disc 42355 Typhon. -One theory on Echidna’s genealogy places her as the daughter of Tartarus and Gaia, which would make her and her lover Typhon siblings. Theog. -In Ovid’s Metamorphoses it is said that Echidna is capable of producing a poisonous venom with the power to induce madness. Their children, however, were dominated by their monstrous sides.

[23] Pherecydes also names Prometheus' eagle,[24] and adds Ladon (though Pherecydes does not use this name), the dragon that guarded the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides (according to Hesiod, the offspring of Ceto and Phorcys). Heracles was driving the cattle of Geryones through what would later become Scythia, when one morning he awoke and discovered that his horses had disappeared.

Powerful Mantras for Love and Relationships, Meditative Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. Her name, like the celestial body, may also be a reference to Echidna, a monstrous half-snake hybrid in Greek mythology who was the mate of Typhon.

[65] Echidna and Delphyne share several similarities.

Trypanis, C. A., Gelzer, Thomas; Whitman, Cedric, This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 09:58. On his tenth, he killed the two-headed dog Orthrus while stealing the giant Geryon’s cattle. He had hundred dragon heads instead of a human one. Likewise, the sea serpents which attacked the Trojan priest Laocoön during the Trojan War, which are called by Quintus Smyrnaeus "fearful monsters of the deadly brood of Typhon", may also have been considered Echidna's offspring. There are two versions of the parentage of this dangerous monster. According to Hesiod, Echidna was born in a cave and apparently she lived alone (in that same cave, or perhaps another), as Hesiod describes it, "beneath the secret parts of the holy earth ... deep down under a hollow rock far from the deathless gods and mortal men", a place appointed by the gods, where she "keeps guard in Arima".

She was finally killed by Argus Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant who served Hera, by having spears thrown into her until it resembled spines when she fell asleep. Echidna was a half-snake half-woman monster, known as the Mother of Monsters in Greek mythology, so called because she gave birth to many of the mythical Greek monsters. It is said that its teeth had magical properties. § 2), or of Chrysaor and Callirrhoë (Hesiod. So, let’s take a look at some of the facts about Echidna in Greek mythology, through this SpiritualRay article. Hesiod described "the goddess fierce Echidna" as a flesh eating "monster, irresistible", who was like neither "mortal men" nor "the undying gods", but was "half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake, great and awful, with speckled skin", who "dies not nor grows old all her days. If you use any of the content on this page in your own work, please use the code below to cite this page as the source of the content. [11] Aristophanes (late 5th century BC), who makes her a denizen of the underworld, gives Echidna a hundred heads (presumably snake heads), matching the hundred snake heads Hesiod says her mate Typhon had. Echidna was a half-woman, half-snake creature in Greek mythology, also known as the "mother of all monsters", as she gave birth to most of the Greek mythical creatures.She was the wife of Typhon, who was the "father of all monsters" and the most fearsome and dangerous monster in said mythology.Both she and her husband were the children of Gaia and Tartarus. Echidna is a guardian, goddess, monster, or mother of the sprits that are the alternative to the Olympians, dependent on the source. [35] It was perhaps from this same cave, that Echidna used to "carry off passers-by".

Her husband, like Echidna herself, was also half-humanoid and half-snake. Greek Mythology. [50] Strabo also tells us that for "some" Homer's "couch of Typhon" (and hence the Arimoi) was located "in a wooded place, in the fertile land of Hyde", with Hyde being another name for Sardis (or its acropolis), and that Demetrius of Scepsis thought that the Arimoi were most plausibly located "in the Catacecaumene country in Mysia". Euryale, Medusa, and Stheno all shared hideous faces and hair consisting of writhing, angry, serpents. Finally, on his twelfth labor, Hercules showed some mercy, and only captured Echidna’s offspring Cerberus – or perhaps the extra head was just too much for the hero. The couple attacked the Olympians, but Zeus managed to repel them, burying Typhon under Mount Etna; Echidna and her children were spared to continue challenging future heroes. She was the mate of the fearsome monster Typhon and was the mother of many of the most famous monsters of Greek myth. Perhaps this would explain the countenance of all of their children together. The command to slay Echidna was merely a secondary task. Just as the Greek gods and heroes had their own genealogies, so the monsters of Greek mythology also had an origin … [59], From the fifth century BC historian Herodotus, we learn of a creature who, though Herodotus does not name as Echidna, is called an echidna ("she-viper") and resembles the Hesiodic Echidna in several respects. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Some of the most famous children of Echidna and Typhon were Cerberus, the three-headed hound who guarded the gates of the Underworld; the Lernaean Hydra, the multi-headed serpent that grew two heads if one was cut off; the Gorgon sisters, the best known being Medusa; and the Chimera, a creature that had the heads of a lion, a goat and snake. Echidna is said to live in Tartarus, choosing to be near her husband after his humiliating defeat by Zeus. Homer’s Iliad implies another fate: Typhon and Echidna, tired of being outcasts and outraged by the deaths of their children, waged war against the Olympians. The question of whether an historical place was meant, and its possible location, has been since ancient times the subject of speculation and debate.[38]. She is said to have had fair skin and glancing eyes. She was half woman half snake, lived in a cave, and was known as a mother figure, in this case, as the progenitor of the Scythians (rather than of monsters).[60]. For a discussion of Echidna's varying genealogy see Ogden 2013a. Arima also called couch of Typhoeus is where Echidna lived along with Typhon, and where Zeus defeated Typhon. Echidna mated with Typhon, and the pair produced some of the most ferocious giants in Greek mythology. Echidna was the daughter of either Gaia and Tartarus, or Keto and Phorkys. Her husband was Typhon, the Father of All Monsters, also a dangerous and ferocious monster.. Echidna is a somewhat obscure figure in Greek mythology. Echidna is one such monster who directly did not do anything, but is notorious because of her children.

One can presume that Echidna has no love lost for any of the great heroes of Greek mythology. Echidna: - Nov 03, 2020, Greek Mythology iOS Volume Purchase Program VPP for Education App.

[26] Hyginus[27] in his list of offspring of Echidna (all by Typhon), retains from the above: Cerberus, the Chimera, the Sphinx, the Hydra and Ladon, and adds "Gorgon" (by which Hyginus means the mother of Medusa, whereas Hesiod's three Gorgons, of which Medusa was one, were the daughters of Ceto and Phorcys), the Colchian dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece[28] and Scylla.[29]. Because she is mostly absent from ancient texts, Echidna’s origin story is rather murky. It was described as a ferocious fire-breathing creature. If head was cut, two more grew in its place. In this account, the Python is born of the rotting sludge left behind after the Great Deluge and slain by the god Apollo. Gaia and Tartaros (according to Appollodoris) The echidna(the animal) is named after Echidna (the monster) from the myth of Argus throwing spears into her until it looked like spines.

There are some other accounts that say that Echidna was immortal and continued to live in Arima. Chimera was a weird hybrid creature; usually a combination of more than two animals. Married to the god/monster Typhon (Greek mythology), the two beasts bore a brood of children that only a half-serpent mother could love. Homer’s The Iliad and Hesiod’s poem Theogony are some of the oldest writings to feature her, and have therefore been influential in shaping Echidna’s modern narrative. [6], Other authors give Echidna other parents.

He is even said to have had a nape full of snakes and lion’s claws.

According to Hesiod, these two were the offspring of Echidna's son Orthrus and another ambiguous "she", read variously as the Chimera, Echidna herself, or even Ceto. Nonnus makes Echidna the mother of an unnamed, venom spitting, "huge" son, with "snaky" feet, an ally of Cronus in his war with Zeus, who was killed by Ares. Although the identities of her children can vary based on the author, most agree that she was at least the mother of Orthrus, Cerberus, and Hydra. His master was Eurytion, along with whom he guarded the cattle of giant Geryon. In his 12 labors, he bested or killed six of her children. She is best known for her romantic relationship to the hideous giant Typhon and as the mother of their many monstrous children. Echidna is a guardian, goddess, monster, or mother of the sprits that are the alternative to the Olympians, dependent on the source. Would you like to write for us? According to the geographer Pausanias (2nd century AD), Epimenides (7th or 6th century BC) had Echidna as the daughter of the Oceanid Styx (goddess of the river Styx) and one Peiras (otherwise unknown to Pausanias),[7] while according to the mythographer Apollodorus (1st or 2nd century AD), Echidna was the daughter of Tartarus and Gaia. According to some sources he was the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa.

The victim in his first labor was the Nemean Lion, who would become the constellation Leo. In Greek mythology, Echidna is a monster who was the mate of Typhon. Echidna was a half-woman, half-snake creature in Greek mythology, also known as the "mother of all monsters", as she gave birth to most of the Greek mythical creatures.

[51] The third-century BC poet Lycophron, placed Echidna's lair in this region. The following table lists the principal offspring of Echidna as given by Hesiod, Apollodorus or Hyginus. She was the mate of the fearsome monster Typhon and was the mother of many of the most famous monsters of Greek myth. His name means morning twilight in Greek. Echidna mated with Typhon, and the pair produced some of the most ferocious giants in Greek mythology. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. ECHIDNA (Echidna), a daughter of Tartarus and Ge (Apollod. The Crommyonian sow was a pig with wings who used to terrorize the people of Crommyon. Though that monster is usually said to be the male serpent Python, in the oldest account of this story, the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, the god kills a nameless she-serpent (drakaina), subsequently called Delphyne, who had been Typhon's foster-mother.

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