energon omega supreme head

When Megatron resurfaced on Cybertron, however, Omega joined the Autobots on the Miranda II in returning to Cybertron.

In "King of the Hill! Base Speed:10 1.7. Energon Volume 3, Later, Omega Supreme battled Constructicon Maximus.

Jetfire proceeded to reactivate Omega Supreme, who bested a weakened Sunstorm in combat and then tried to apprehend Starscream, but the Decepticon freed Sunstorm from the power-dampening siphon that was inhibiting him, and Omega was forced to return to battling him. His colors are taken from Generation 1 Black Zarak.  • Tidal Wave Biding his time until he could face the Constructicons again, Omega played the role of soldier, his first mission as part of Prime’s troops taking him to the moon to battle Astrotrain.

[1], Although Omega Supreme’s Marvel Comics origin was distinctly different, by pure coincidence his origin is still connected to the Constructicons. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances.

$349.99. Known for his great strength and greater courage, Omega Supreme (Megarobot in Italy) is the Autobots’ last line of defense against the Decepticons. Free shipping. After a lengthy trip in suspended animation, their craft was attacked by Scourge, and crashed in the Arctic, where Jetfire was frozen in an avalanche, and Omega remained in stasis in the crashed ship.

With aid from Bulkhead and Towline he defeated all of them. Additionally, Omega Supreme was featured in the graphic novel edition of IDW's The Transformers: The Movie comic book adaptation.

Franchise: Accessories: Cumbersome.

After the disappearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron’s forces, Omega Supreme and Jetfire were dispatched to locate them, following a homing beacon towards Earth. Having expended too much energy in the journey to transform and save himself, Omega had to rely on his companions to obtain electrical crystals to restore his power, enabling him to assume robot mode and aid in saving the moon’s natives from the Decepticons. Unaware that the rogue human military cyborg Serpentor (possessing Megatron's memories) had united the Decepticons from their civil war in the absence of Megatron or Shockwave, the Autobots would be taken by surprise by the Decepticon attack. Turning on Omega, they lured him away from the city and destroyed it in his absence, leading him to hunt them down and try to forcibly restore them to their original selves. As Galvatron took off into space to find Unicron and take revenge on the entity for manipulating him, Omega Supreme pursued the Decepticons. There is no indication that, unlike most of Starscream’s other victims, he was reactivated by Nucleon. He sets about repairing himself enough to get the other Autobots back to Earth, but considers his own chances of survival non-existent.  • Break His convictions reacted with the Spark of Combination carried by Omega Supreme.  • Heinlad Formidable, Omega Supreme and Optimus spent a brief time recuperating on Ocean Planet once more before launching back into the struggle against Galvatron. Later still, Omega transported Jazz and Perceptor to Saturn’s moon, Titan, and crash-landed, teetering on the edge of a precipice.

At least, Snowcat managed to get a brief glimpse of the project while it was still under construction before being expelled from the Autobot base. Omega Supreme relentlessly attacks the Decepticons, but is defeated and captured, thanks to Megatron's tactics. Omega Supreme's larger head turns into a smaller robot. Transformers G1 OMEGA SUPREME + CUSTOM HEAD w/ Box WORKS Vintage 1985. Awakened in 2020 by Doctor Brian Jones and Primus, Omega immediately raced across space to join Optimus Prime’s team in battle against Megatron’s forces, combining with Optimus to form Optimus Supreme (Omega Convoy in the Japanese version).

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