hamster eye injury

I have had her for about 1 and 1/2 years.

Sometimes, owners will despair that their pets have died, when in fact they are just in a very deep sleep.

Since Wednesday night, she has been sleeping a lot (not her usual pattern) and won’t open her eyes. Therefore it is best to try to prevent such accidents happening in the first place. Also called proliferative ileitis and regional enteritis, wet tail is a highly … I think she’s going to be fine. If the issue doesn’t get better soon, consult a vet as you might need some antibiotics or medicine. Eyelid Rub - sometimes hamster’s eyelids will change shape slightly and rub against their eye, causing the painful condition known as entropion. You should keep a hamster warm if it has diarrhea, and make sure it has plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Supplements like Vitamin D & E can help promote better health for your hamster. My sunfire dwarf hamster’s left eye is red and crusty around the rim and compared to her other eye, half shut. My roborovski dwarf hamster has a red ring around its eye is it because of the bedding cause I use carefresh idk what it is but who ever can help me thx u very much !!!! Johnny is a twenty-something-year-old pet blogger and the proud pet parent of two cats and a chinchilla. You can add some water soluble vitamins to the water if the hamster isn’t really eating either. It could also indicate conditions such as bladder stones.

They get sick fast and usually on the second day.. they leave us =(. To make sure your hamster has mites you will want to comb their fur and look closer with a magnifying glass. He has a little white in his eye and I’m pretty young so I have no idea what to do and when he is in his cage ether dose he. Sometimes referred to as “pink eye,” conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the eye's outermost layer. I have a Russian Dwarf hamster and she is having an eye problem and its all slimy and sticky. One eye was closed on arrival. If your hamster moves in circles, running round seemingly without cause, then this could be a behaviour known as ‘circling’ or ‘twirling’ and could indicate that there’s something wrong with your pet. Symptoms include fur loss, dry, flaky skin, persistent scratching and skin sensitivity. I pray he’ll survive…. U guys should take out the cotton there we’re using and put a new one.

All i do Is clean his eyes with Ocuflash (eye drops) and dry them. Unfortunately, hamsters can get infected with a number of parasites that can cause your pets a lot of discomfort. Your hamster should start to recover after a day. I changed out the water bottle in case there was a problem, but she drank a lot of water, and looked back to her old self the next morning!

So check your hamster’s teeth it is eating less or losing weight.

Probably…though some of those drops are not even good for humans. To help stop hamster’s teeth from getting too long I would recommend getting a number of chew toys such as Apple Orchard Chew Sticks, Natural Wood Toys, Kaytee 3 Count Chew Toy, Wooden Interactive Toy Ball and Nut Knot Nibbler. Sneezing can happen for a number of reasons such as dust and may just be a sign that your hamster needs a bedding change. To allow bone to heal naturally you should keep your hamster alone in its own separate cage, preferably an aquarium or another solid sided cage with only one level to prevent climbing. He has a little white in his eye and I’m pretty young so I have no idea what to do and when he is in his cage ether dose he.

This behaviour, if done a lot, can result in hair loss and bleeding, and perhaps even permanent scarring due to friction. Heat stroke can occur if your hamster is kept in hot conditions. These problems need veterinary treatment as soon as possible, because they can hinder your pet’s ability to breathe. What do I do she is still active but she has a really bad stomach ache HELP!!!!!!!! Look at your hamster’s injuries. Even with regular, good quality care, your hamster may still become unwell. Occasionally a hamster may suffer from shock, such as after injuring itself, although the cause will not always be known. The operation is highly successful and will save your hamster’s life. Protrusion of Eyeball (Eye Bulging) in Hamsters, Watery discharge from the eye, which may also appear red or irritated. A post-operative care schedule and regimen will be given by your veterinarian. My hamster died ?. However, your veterinarian will depend on a medical history and your answers to a series of questions to identify the underlying cause of the eye protrusion. Other symptoms include a loss of appetite and walking with a hunched back. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to avoid these causes by taking good care of your hamster. Human nail scissors or clippers can be used for this.

As a small animal owner, you’re going to want to make sure you’re checking your little one every time you feed them to make sure everything looks A-Okay.

My hamster is acting normal, but she has a crusty eye.. I’ve used warm water and a washcloth and it opened yesterday and last night, but today its worse.. it barely opens… WHAT SHOULD I DO?? I'm worried so can anyone advise me pls. This is because the condition can spread rapidly, and bacteria can linger in enclosures. You will want to speak to a vet about treatment, however many blogs recommend a dog dewormer (in small doses) or piperazine (a generic medication for all pets) for pinworms. Like us, hamsters can get little cuts and scrapes through their day-to-day life.

Hamsters can catch colds just as we can, and these illnesses can even be passed from human to hamster. However, if the mammary area swells, then this could be indicative of mastitis, a different problem which will require veterinary attention. Although he hasn’t been really active like before likely, he stills eating and sleeping normal. As we all know, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not your small mammals are sick.

If the existence of very flaky or crusty areas of skin is accompanied by a high level of ear wax then the problem may be ear mites. You will also notice a fungus growing in the area where your hamster urinates. If the condition worsens, surgical removal of the eye is the only solution. Eye drops that are meant for humans … ? My hampster, Holly’s, eye is squinted and red around the outside.

Continue to clean the eye and consider using a saline solution to flush the eye as well. Watery discharge from the eye, which may also appear red or irritated; Causes. Also, avoid housing hamsters of different age groups together or overcrowding a cage. Increasing the amount of time you spend playing with your pet may be the answer, but there are more stimulating toys that you can offer your pet - have you tried letting them explore your home in an exercise ball?

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell? Any exercise wheel and climbing toys should be removed as exercise will hinder recovery. Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know if I should do anything about it? Hamsters can become dehydrated even if their water bottle is full. You may need to repeat this a few times depending on the instructions given on the spray. It's helpful to know the most common signs of illness so you can jump on the problem as rapidly as possible.

She wasn’t able to feed or do anything herself.

Hamsters can develop infections, and sometimes this can cause an abscess to form. If this happens due to a mother picking up its baby hamster by the face, the baby hamster’s eye can heal and lead a normal life. If your hamster is constipated you will notice a lack of droppings, or a smaller amount of droppings, in the cage, while any droppings that are there may be small and hard. Should we be concerned? Hamsters eat a lot of very hard food, so their teeth are very important to them. You might want to give it something softer to chew, such as a hamster chew or gnaw.

You can use the form below to receive an e-mail whenever we have a new update. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Required fields are marked *. Like humans, hamsters can suffer from colds which give them a runny nose and sneezing. Your veterinarian may suspect conjunctivitis by observing the clinical signs exhibited by the hamster. If your hamster wheel is too small, then your hamster may neglect it, as it won’t fit inside it properly - adult Syrian hamsters require a wheel that is at least twenty centimeters wide./p>. Alternatively, you could line a box with some fairly smooth sandpaper and allow your hamster to run around it for a few minutes every evening. I got him when he was only 11 weeks old. About | Friends | Advertise | Contact I believe he’s sick because I’ve never seen him this way. Unfortunately if the condition worsens, the eye(s) will require surgical removal. If your hamster’s testicles don’t retract into its body when it is cool, or if they are very firm, then your pet may have a tumour. Does the other eye look like it has issues as well? External tumors are normally noticeable as a hard lump that may grow significantly in a short space of time. Ensure that any hay is replaced with alternative bedding as hay can be infected with mites. Promptly separating fighting hamsters and learning the proper way of handling such small animals can reduce the risk of exophtalmos due to trauma and improper handling. Although not always connected, some female hamsters experience something called “polycystic ovaries” which is a hereditary condition which causes the abdomen to bulge.

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