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Maggie's gonna get hurt, and Maggie's gonna die

The other thing about it is that we were always working on an extremely tight budget, so we just kind of had to figure out what to do with the equipment that we had. It’s a big two-foot bass drum, it’s got a lot of thump. I think that’s another important thing to have when it comes to sound is standards. The funny thing is, I’ve actually been in the Cowmen longer than I’ve been doing podcasts. I see her in Satan's Old Saloon Marcus' current interests and hobbies include eating pickles, researching for the episodes, digging holes, watching horror movies, listening to great music, playing in his band, touring with the Last Podcast cast, and having bones decorate his apartment. Throughout the years, we haven’t always been perfect: there have definitely been times when the sound quality has been less than what I would prefer. I had five years of radio experience before then and then when I got here I started doing work for The Onion, for Onion Radio News. Of course it’s not going to be perfect.

'Cause she's the ghost that haunts you

Telling us we can't drink, gamble, or whore Skelton Dan, he's a skell of a man That’s another one, so that’s 13. Eventually we got to where we started using sound cards. We don’t necessarily have dedicated producers for each show, so the setup needs to be as simple as humanly possible. You're all great! Russiatown A great big whore We were able to run the mixer into that and then run the US-322 USB into the computer. It’s a Japanese kit from the ‘60s. I built my house out of beer bottles He spends up to 200 hours a week in his Pop-tart-powered Man Cave, scouring both print and online resources for every Interesting Fact available. So I hope that I'm the first to go He once dated a girl with a tail. It keeps everything simple and lets everyone else in the band breathe and take the front stage. There’s plenty of weird murders and things like that to be mined in the occult world. Maggie had a sweet tooth for uncut cocaine

What were some of the kinks that you ran into starting out with in the way of say, interfaces or mics? If you’ve never listened to Last Podcast on the Left, one of the top five comedy podcasts on iTunes, there are three likely outcomes to a first encounter: disgust, confusion, or a laugh. and being a skinsman in various beat-rock combos. I got time for another and a six pack to go (Some of these phrases are interchanged with Ben and Henry, but he usually says these ones). The Cowmen.

Most likely is a fourth option: some mix of all three.

When we recorded our album, I used a DDrum kit that I picked up super cheap, I think for like $300. Their venom is made of gold

Yeah, I’ve been in radio since I was 18 years old. That way we get a consistent sound and it makes us sound like we’re all in the same room as much as we possibly can. meowsaysthekat, Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!

For years we’ve been doing things like blankets. Why, oh why, Ol' Bill (Why ol' Bill) And we can't kick this alone Overkill - The Zune Yearsby Tell 'em Steve-Dave, supported by 11 fans who also own “The Cowmen”, Welp, it's July 2019 and I'm buying shit from the Zune years.

Tired of pickin' cotton and workin' the rails Ask me 'bout the legacy that I left behind This entire medium is totally new.

Russiatown 2. The devil belongs to me

I think, to be a producer for like a podcast, it’s very simple. Now the boys call him Ole Jimmy the Scar

He records on his side, we record on ours, and then I put it together.

It’s terrible for editing voice. He's the god of this town

-The Last Podcast On The Left- Animated-,, Marcus had a pair of badger paws from a badger that he shot, which hung in his truck, Marcus was valedictorian in his graduating class, Marcus and Carolina have a dog named Georgie, Marcus shares a birthday with Dolly Parton, Marcus is the drummer for a band called the Cow Men, If Marcus was to be assigned a serial killer, he would be Richard Ramirez. We’ve been doing that for 7 years now. He has three masters in just science and two in advanced remedial. But I never wished to see her walking out of that door

Make sure the room sounds good.

It’s an awful program for that. Give me a bourbon or give me a beer We use the new one for recording but we use the old one for editing, because back in the day, GarageBand was geared towards podcasts.

With all of their hearts, and the shit from their butts

You get pretty much zero latency, right?

Completely from the very beginning.

Let’s see, Last Podcast [Network] is now at what, 12 podcasts? Or you'll be staring down the barrel of a goddamned gun Doug's EP with Brian Flood back in 2011. He used to host the Round Table of Gentlemen with Ben Kissel. We’re going to be covering Biggie and Tupac here real soon. When you're hungry you sleep I’m the copywriter and I write a lot of the site, and I can personally tell you that a lot of Reverb was written while listening to Henry yell about UFOs. I said a quick prayer and I checked your pulse Now darlin' I know you're weary

And rape occurs almost constantly Maggie was a princess, Maggie was a brat We’ve geared our system and our entire setup to be as simple as it can be. There’s another one, I don’t know how true this is, [but] I just got this book that’s about Laurel Canyon that says that the hippie scene in Los Angeles was actually a murderous organization that was tied to an underground government base. Then he hopped on a horse You sacrifice your first born child to him They wanted you to use GarageBand for podcasts but then in the last few updates, they’ve turned it into a beat-looping program. I had a horse Russiatown, I drink White Lightnin' when the coyotes are out Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 24, 2020, On “Sidelong,” Sarah Shook & the Disarmers fill raucous country songs with tales of hard living.

I was in college radio from my entire time in college. Saddle Up You can't make love to the moon

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!

Zero latency. I grabbed it and I drank it and I got real drunk When you die, that's the way you stay Maggie's gonna fall down, Maggie's gonna cry Get out of that fat man's truck I've been told death works this way Skeleton Dan, he was playing in the sand I don't believe you

Skeleton Dan 7. He's also the king of hell We’ve been playing around with Adobe recently, Adobe Audition, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really get used to it and really play with it. On “Sidelong,” Sarah Shook & the Disarmers fill raucous country songs with tales of hard living. Our songwriters Doug [Austin] and Holden [McNeely] wrote most of the songs for that album and they really did a great job of playing with this world and writing really interesting lyrics and really interesting music. On the other hand, we’re still using [Audio-Technica] AT2020s for voice and things like that. Maggie was cute but she sure was profane We have to hang a boy there Everyone needs to have their own microphone—sometimes you get a group of people who just kind of all gather around a Yeti. Satan, he tortures for fun Told my boss that he can go to hell Right now, our schedule is so tight with, of course, getting a heavily researched and edited podcast out every week. His soul was black as coal Also touching on your band, Cowmen, you play drums in that right? The other thing about it too is that we have a lot of people that will produce their own shows here.

I'll tell ya seven dead men and a cocaine line, I had a horse

At the candy store And I'll see you in heaven above It’s the same one we use today. Overkill - The Zune Years. Give it a spin! I got my first gun Maggie was a hottie but Maggie was a child, KTXT FM 88.1 back in Lubbock, Texas, at Texas Tech. Maggie come home I think in a lot of people’s minds, when they hear "producer," they think someone in LA with a tie and most likely a lot of product in their hair.

Maggie was a bitch and Maggie was a whore It’s been a pretty long journey figuring all of this stuff out, but I think we’ve got something good. Boot stomp

No way to get home Then to kind of wrap everything up, is there anything that you could recommend to someone who wants to start out in podcasting in the way of what to do with equipment? In the way of equipment, I would say keep it simple but don’t skimp. We can't kick this together

Across the street from Satan's Old Saloon Do you have any other spooky themed artists you’ve got coming up in mind for future episodes? A lot of the last podcast episodes had Henry [Zebrowski] working remotely in LA or in Atlanta.

The Cowmen by The Cowmen, released 29 May 2015 1. We just got a book deal with Houghton Mifflin.

And Maggie liked to go out and get real wild Maggie come home There’s another: Which bassist was it that killed his mother with an axe? Skeleton Dan Never cheat a man who doesn't gamble for fun With a griffin I'm gonna drive down south to Mexico Maggie had a sweet tooth for uncut cocaine I mean of course there have been people along the way that have shown tips and tricks and stuff like that.

People just take you more seriously. Here’s a good producer conundrum I think people would be interested to find out about.

One of these days, I'll be sure to get paid So give me a shot of what's left of the gin Devin and Doug's debut album with their other band, The GBs. And I became a sailor

The Cowmen, Every day Nobody’s Peach, from Seattle, serve up nine gorgeous songs informed by bluegrass and Americana, gentle as a fall breeze. Raise a glass, let's have a toast But I can't give what I have none of Throughout the years, the thing about podcasts is that there’s really no model for it. Also, Sabian for high hats. I don’t know about spooky-themed [episodes], but music-related cases. I can't see you [Laughs] Good. For inspiration, we’ve kind of looked towards books like Our Band Could Be Your Life to look at what indie record labels did to kind of get off ground, looking at what they did right and more importantly, what they did wrong and using that as a template for what we’re doing.

It’s a desert that’s constantly cold and miserable where snakes are used as currency. If drinkin's a sin, the devil's my friend Boot stomp Cowmencan be said to resemble a grotesquely obese human or an early human fetus as evidenced by the distorted, smoothed out facial features with tiny arms, a protruding stomach, the lack of genitalia, and the space between the legs. Yeah. What we ended up having to do with my Mac laptop is hook a 1/4" cable and use a 1/4" to 1/8" converter to plug that into the old Macbook input and then recording it directly from a soundboard into the computer, which was a terrible way to do it. You have something very good. Please check the fields highlighted in red. I love the back and forth between the candidates, especially hearing all of Hiram McDaniel's five heads, the Faceless Old Woman was wonderful, Kevin's surprise appearance was amazing and his eerily happy voice created a visual of a creepy smiling man. You puked in your sleep so I rolled you over

Hosts/Agent Mulder disciples Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks spend days researching and explaining/making fun of aliens, conspiracies, serial killers, the occult, and everything else that makes you look over your shoulder when you’re sitting alone in your living room. We put something together with limited means. I don't want to see you die tomorrow And decided to flee Steel Roll, he looked at me, I’m looking forward to all of that.

That’s why we’ve always tried as hard as we can even though we’ve had limited means to make our shows sound as professional as possible. Why, oh why, Ol' Bill (Why ol' Bill)

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