motu mini comics checklist

☐ The Stench of Evil, ☐ The Treachery of Modulok The Dragon. ☐ The Search for Keldor Labels. Sword. The

The minicomics were notable for a continuity slightly distinct from the later animated storyline, as they were produced earlier. Flying Fists of Power! ☐ The Magic Stealer! ☐ The Fastest Draw in the Universe The

☐ The Menace of Multi-Bot Every MOTU action figure originally came with a mini-comic in the package. The of Castle Grayskull, King Adventures of He-Man, Battle ( Log Out /  ☐ Energy Zoids Publishing. ☐ The Clash of Arms, ☐ The Obelisk It might be noted that some of the giants of the industry "Snake Attack," "Grizzlor: The Legend Comes ☐ Spikor Strikes A quick search revealed this: a Masters of the Universe Mini-Comics Checklist by “synthalus” from the forums. Every MOTU action figure originally came with a mini-comic in the package. Posted on July 29, 2010 by nostalgiainabox.

1 (The Shards Of Darkness), Brazil - DC Lemuria - Mini-Series #1 (1982-1983), Argentina - Ledafilms - Masters of the Universe (1983-1986), Brazil - Editora Abril - Masters of the Universe (1987-1988), Brazil - Editora Abril - Princess of Power (1988), Brazil Comics - Darkseid Club - Digital (2012), Brazil - DC Darkseid Club - Mini-Series #1 (2012-2013), Brazil – DC Darkseid Club - Origins (2012-2013), Finland - Satellite Sarjat - Masters of the Universe (1987 - 1990), Germany - Mattel - Masters of the Universe (1984-1985), Germany - Interpart-Condor Verlag - Masters of the Universe (1984-1986), Germany - Ehapa Verlag - Masters of the Universe (1987-1989), Germany - Dino-Panini Verlag - 200X (2003), India - Diamond Comics - Masters of the Universe (2003), Italy - Edigamma - Masters of the Universe (1984), Italy - Mondadori - Masters of the Universe (1986 - 1987), Netherlands - Junior Press - Masters of the Universe, Netherlands - SBP Strips - Masters of the Universe, Serbia - Politikin Zabavnik - Masters of the universe, Spain - Zinco - Masters of the Universe (1986-1988), Sweden - Satellit Serien - Masters of the Universe (1987-1989), He-Man and the Power Sword (alt. Mantenna

The The Powers of Grayskull - The Legend Begins. The Legend Comes Alive! in the Clouds.

☐ The Flying Fists of Power ☐ The Tale of Teela Mattel (and, quite frankly, somewhat lacked the quality of Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ☐ King of the Snake Men Terror Claws Strike! Ultimate Battleground! FAQ. Grizzlor: ☐ The Menace of Trap Jaw Change ),, MOTU Action Figures Checklist | Nostalgia-in-a-Box Blog. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Stench of Evil! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He-Man Treachery of Modulok! ☐ The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces of the Universe, New

Later comics were brought more in line with … ☐ Enter: Buzz-saw Hordak! ☐ Escape from the Slime Pit!

Terror of Tri-Klops! Original minicomics. Double-Edged a Rock and a Hard Place!

Battle in the Clouds: Mer-Man sees that He-Man's sword gives him great power and wants it for his own.He teams up with Skeletor and they temporarily defeat He-Man so Mer-Man can steal the Battle Ram and Power Sword. ☐ Hordak: The Ruthless Leader’s Revenge! The Warrior Machine. Temple of Darkness!

☐ The Terror of Tri-Klops Filtering. Batman/Superman Adventures show on the WB network. ☐ Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde! and "The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins!" Texiera, who has gone on to draw such books as "Ghost ☐ Siege of Avion Masters

The People to the Rescue! The comics are mostly origin stories, and turned out to be one of the main features of their collectibility. Main list includes US, European and Canadian releases and all the known variations. Menace of Multi-Bot! Excellent work, sir. Secret Liquid of Life! Also, here is a webpage showing which comics came with which figure(s):, Or download it below in OpenOffice ODT text document format. ☐ The Hordes of Hordak. H ere you will find the best vintage Masters of the Universe guide on the Net! ☐ Eye of the Storm The The books are sorted by year, and the titles in italics are the books I lost/do not have. They’re all online @ Comics. Comics. ☐ He-Man and the Insect People ( Log Out / 

Create a free website or blog at Meets Ram-Man! Alive," "King of the Snake Men," "The Then you can copy -> paste special as “unformatted text” into a spreadsheet, and separate the columns out by ‘Tab’. by DC Comics, who later produced a 5-issue comic series. Original Order Name Date Faction. version). The Menace of Trap Jaw! first 11 minicomics that were produced (1982-83) were made ☐ The Terror Claws Strike! the first ones). Skeletor's

- The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! Want to read them? ☐ Masks of Power Power of ... Point Dread! King Ordeal of Man-E-Faces! All The Vengeance of Skeletor! > Publishing > Comics > Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics (Mattel) Share. However, Mattel did have their moments, especially

Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins! ☐ The Ultimate Battleground! BEAST MAN Savage henchman Released December 2008 Re-released January 2010 Re-released August 2011 Re-released February 2012 Re-released June 2012: MER-MAN The ☐ The Cosmic Key Search for Keldor," and "The Ultimate Battleground" MOTUC Checklist Sorting.

☐ King of Castle Grayskull Rock Leech - The Master of Power Suction Unleashed! ☐ Battle in the Clouds Books. The comics are mostly origin stories, and turned out to be one of the main features of their collectibility. ☐ Double-Edged Sword ( Log Out /  ☐ Skeletor’s Dragon The following is a list of the mini-comics released with the Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, He-Man, and Masters of the Universe Classics toys.

☐ The Power of… Point Dread! If you don't know the name, he's The original series of Masters of the Universe action figures came packaged with a selection of small-size comics, spotlighting a number of characters (not necessarily the ones they were sold with) in short adventures.

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