shattered throne eggs

Aim to the right to spot a hole in the wall and the Corrupted Egg. The Corrupted Egg can be seen glowing in the distance. Watch Dogs Legion – A Dish Best Served Cold Trophy GuideWatch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Complete a Revenge Mission to earn the trophy A Dish Best Served Cold. Continue through the Harbinger’s Seclude, passing through the cavern with the temple and buildings, and outside past the winding stairs to find the statue. Any suggestions? 1 - The Corrupted - Near the beginning of the strike when you get onto the elevator, the egg will fall down and sometimes fall onto the elevator, or fall to the bottom. Jump from the altar to the first rock platform and then quickly to the next platform on the right as this first rock will despawn. From the ring of the centrepiece, place your back to the exit door and look to the right of the arch to spot a ledge. Stand watching the windows and prepare to shoot it as its falling. Another Corrupted Egg can be found attached to the very top of the Oracle observatory in Spine of Keres. Thanks for the guide but some descriptions are outright horrible, spine of keres in particular. 1.3k. Before dropping down to the lower sections, stick to the right-hand side and go around the corner to find the egg in the distance. 2 - Standing again on the plate in front of the statue move forward and follow the bridge behind the statue, once you get to the split look slightly to the right of the lefthand pathway and you will see the egg.

The first Corrupted Egg in the Keep of Honed Edges Ascendant Challenge can be found in way off in the distance on a mountain. Can someone provide more information as I've attempted at least 5 times to find this egg here to no avail. At this point we can make the assumption that ascended challenges are on a 6 week cycle. The seventh Corrupted Egg can be found after the statue holding the Wish-Ender bow. There’s lore and triumphs associated with getting all these eggs. The final Corrupted Egg in the Shattered Throne is after the Taken pushy wall right before the final boss fight. Jump the gap to the tree and take the left path. Doing this unlocks the The One That Got Away trophy. The egg is up to the right of the symbol, at the top of the rocks. Posted by 2 years ago. If it doesn't land on the elevator you can shoot it below still but it can be hard to spot/hit - (No screenshot, mine fell down the bottom), 2 - The Corrupted - After the double Ogres when you go to do the large falling section the egg will be on the right side of the large blight with swirling mini blights ontop of a rock (credit to u/Makzin) - [Egg] (), 1 - Harbinger's Seclude - In the first large room with the statue in the center head to the back of the right hand room to another statue. 1.3k. Watch Dogs Legion – Paint Me Like One of Your… Trophy GuideWatch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Stun Clan Kelley members 5 times with paintball gun headshots to earn the trophy Paint Me Like One of Your…. The next Corrupted Egg is found after the section with all the Shadow Thrall. Complete list of all currently obtainable Corrupted Eggs. User account menu. The next Corrupted Egg can be found by the statue on the outcropping in the Harbinger’s Seclude. Fight along the Taken pushy-cliff to the main stairs leading up to the next building and at the top turn right, the egg is in the distance. Really struggling to find the so called elevator egg on the corrupted strike. Start in the center of the arena with the two balconies on either side, there should be an altar straight ahead. There’s 2 inside of this Ascendant Challenge. . The first Corrupted Egg in the Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge is right near the beginning of the mission. Soloing the Shattered Throne, or even two-manning it, is a great challenge. Watch Dogs Legion – Meta-Gaming Trophy GuideWatch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Recruit a Video Game Designer to earn the trophy Meta-Gaming. More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. So far I found 5 chests and 3 bones and I was wondering if I missed something. Watch Dogs Legion - 100% Trophy Instructions - Recruit a Video Game Designer to earn the trophy Meta-Gaming. there are platforms under the trap, Chest 3 - turn right before entering thrall room and head past Toland, Chest 4 - jump off ledge in thrall room, land on beam in center, Egg 4 - on the right after exiting thrall room, Bone 4 - while ascendant, scale the exploding walls and get on the statue's head, then follow the platforms, Egg 5 - after exploding wall, turn right before entering the doorway, Egg 6 - after ogre boss, right side of the queen's statue, Chest 5 - at first gravity lift, kill the witches then head to the right while ascendant, Egg 8 - take the gravity lift and look up, Chest 6 - after boop wall, head around the gravity lift into a hallway. Doing this unlocks the A Roof Over Your Head trophy. Walk to the edge of the platform to spot the Corrupted Egg between the prongs of the building. Once on the circular platform, turn right to face another mountain and if the knights have been killed, the exit should be in the distance.

Depending what week it is, the Corrupted Egg will either be floating in the air or attached to the back of a floating rock. Jump on the rocks to the left of the bridge and look to the rocky area that connects the two bridges, the Corrupted Egg is tucked into the side. Use the fast travel point and look left, it’s attached to a rock. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny.

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