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Pamela lived in a house that bordered Camp Crystal Lake, which allowed her to observe that the camp remained unattended.

In June, 1980, Pamela went to work as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake. When Alice flees into the gun storage, Pamela violently slaps her before Alice stuns her by smacking the butt of a rifle into her face. Cause of Death … Jason kidnapped Whitney after murdering her friends, as she bore a strong physical resemblance to Pamela. Pamela Voorhees was a vengeful psychotic serial killer mother. Driven by what she believed to be the unborn Jason's voice, Pamela killed Elias with an axe, blew up their trailer and dumped her husband's body in Crystal Lake. Husband, deceased. On Friday, June 13, 1946, Pam met David and Louise Christy. If the post script scene of the second movie is any canonical indication, she is, like her son would eventually become undead, existing as just a head inside Jason's cabin. At age 15, Pamela became pregnant by a man named Elias Voorhees. The revised script was written by Ron Kurz.

Dave Christy didn't want to see Pamela go, so he invited her to bring Jason to live at the campground so that she could always keep an eye on him. In June of 1957, Pam was working at Crystal Lake when she received news about her son. She pulled her hair back, donned Pamela's dirty sweater and began speaking to Jason in an authoritative voice. [12] Her motivation behind this is unclear, but it may have been sparked by the knowledge that the two negligent counselors who allowed her son to drown, Barry and Claudette, were once again working at Camp Crystal Lake. During the final showdown with Pamela and the hunter, she destroys the head with a shotgun blast, killing Pamela. Age Her voice can be heard by Jason throughout the match, urging him to murder the trespassers as well as congratulating him on successfully murdering counselors. Later that year, eleven-year-old Jason Voorhees drowned in Crystal Lake and the "death" of her child drove the overprotective Pamela insane. She brought Jason … The camp was shut down once again, and did not re-open until 17 years later. Without a husband or a home, Pamela felt lost... adrift. Portrayed By

Watch; UNMASKED JASON VOORHEES & PAMELA VOORHEES HEAD NECA Friday The 13th Part 2 2018. Filmography. Pamela Voorhees (d. June 13, 1980) was the mother of Jason Voorhees and the secondary antagonist of the 2009 Friday the 13th. Freddy further antagonized Jason by making it appear as if he was holding his mother's severed head in front of him. She was the central antagonist in the original Friday the 13th where she was played by actress Betsy Palmer. Friday the 13th (1980) She got a job working as a short-fry cook at a local diner.

... Jason Voorhees's finds her severed head and spends the remainder of the series avenging her death. She was the central antagonist in the original Friday the 13th where she was played by actress Betsy Palmer. Pamela Voorhees, more commonly known as Mrs. Voorhees, was the mother of Jason Voorhees. In the Friday The 13th video game titled Friday The 13th: The Game, made by Gun Media and Illfonic, Pamela (whether it's the real Pamela or a figment of Jason's imagination is unknown), voiced by Jennifer Ann Burton, tells Jason to kill the camp counselors that have come to Camp Crystal Lake. ", In an interview, John Carl Buechler revealed he had originally intended to have a scene in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood in which heroine Tina Shepard has a surreal vision in which Pamela's severed head appears in Jason's arms, repeatedly yelling "help me mommy!"

Gender The fight continues in the water and Alice decapitates Pamela with her own hunting knife.

In his head, he heard her disembodied voice urging him to take revenge. Pamela, distraught over her child's apparent demise, blamed the camp counselors for failing to watch over him and went on a rampage, murdering all but one. Discovering Jason has been captured by a bio-engineer named Kristen, Pamela releases him and guides him to a camp near Kristen's laboratory populated by androids, who Jason begins to destroy, quickly becoming disastified with these victims due to the fact that, as Pamela states, "they aren't real." ", she finds Alice inside a food closet and as she attacks with a machete, Alice renders her unconscious with a frying pan. This novel is a part of the Crystal Lake Books series, which makes the plot of Freddy vs. Jason impossible. On the day that Pam accepted the job, she went into labor.

Years later, Freddy Krueger manifested himself as Mrs. Voorhees and appeared to Jason in Hell. After the detective warns her that she could get hurt, Pamela defies his warning and declares that Camp Crystal Lake "now has a death curse" before leaving. There are also 20 cassette tapes that randomly appear on the map, featuring Pamela having a discussion with the police about Jason's drowning. Pamela Voorhees is a character in Friday the 13th: The Game.. Overview [edit | edit source].

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Pamela Voorhees head Jason Friday 13 bust not mask Mother statue Leatherface Michael Myers Freddy replica lifesize RedneckSlasherStudio. Pamela Voorhees Head Prop Severed Head Halloween . The Christys told her that they were re-opening a campground out near the lake and asked her to work for them cooking for seventy-five children over the summer season. The camp counselors charged with keeping an eye on him were off making love in the woods. Status On Friday, October 13th, Pam met David and Louise Christy. She felt God had called her to this place and she purchased a home. In June, 1980, Pamela went to work as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake. She felt God had called her to this place and she purchased a home. After telling Annie her origin Pamela, as in the film, slits her throat, but treats her body as if it were still alive afterwards. Her son Jason was born with severe physical deformities, but a mother's love blinded Pamela who felt that he was "perfect". Her husband, Elias left sometime after the birth of Jason, he left his wife and child behind because he could not handle Pamela's slightly unbalanced obsession with her son. This page was last edited on 31 August 2018, at 01:55. She picked up a young camp counselor named Annie in her jeep and told her the story of her life before slaughtering her. The police decide that Pamela is too unstable to say anything truthful and lets her leave. Jason had kept his mother's severed head, using it to frighten Alice by placing it in her refrigerator - before taking it along with his mother's corpse to his shack deep in the woods.

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During the scene where Alice is floating in the canoe, Pamela attacks her from above where she is hanging from the bough of a tree.

In September of that year, after suffering another in a long series of beatings perpetuated by her husband, Pamela heeded the voice inside her that told her to "kill".

Last Appearance One tape contains a conversation between Pamela and Tommy Jarvis' father, the latter showing sympathy for the former's loss. The character of Pamela Voorhees was created by director, In Friday the 13th, Pamela is identified only as Mrs. Voorhees. Pamela appears very briefly in the more recent Friday the 13th reboot in the beginning credits chasing a young girl (presumably Alice). Friday the 13th Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. ScreenGeeks Radio » Updated: Nana Visitor Is Mrs. Voorhees! Betsy Palmer was interviewed about the role in the documentaries, "His Name Was Jason" (2009) and "Return To Crystal Lake" (2003). The trick worked momentarily and Jason believed that he was seeing the image of his dead mother speaking back to him. When Jason's rampage grew out of control, Freddy appeared as Mrs. Voorhees again in a dream, admonishing Jason as "a dog that doesn't know when to stop eating". Throughout the tapes, Pamela becomes gradually more unhinged about wanting to find Jason. Friday the 13th Pamela, who does not want the camp re-opened for fear of another tragic accident, is enraged and goes on a savage killing spree: she slashes Annie's throat in the woods with her bowie knife, lures Ned inside a cabin to slit his throat, pierces Jack's throat with an arrow from underneath the bed, slams a felling axe into Marcie's face inside the bathroom stalls, and brutally attacks Brenda at the archery range. It is unlikely that Pamela ever re-married. 41 watchers. Two months later, a mysteriously revived Jason carries out his own revenge by killing Alice. She was portrayed by Paula Shaw in Freddy vs. Jason (2003). Headhunter's Horror House Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. $8.99. Friday the 13th Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. It's possible that Pamela may become a playable killer in the game, though the developers admit that they would have to modify gameplay mechanics greatly to achieve this, and would prefer to focus on more important features of the game before considering Pamela's implementation.

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