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Attempting burglary, Barras, 16, and Fearon, 29, broke into the house together. [364] Thurlow noted that even at its peak in the 1970s, the Front's membership was still only half that of the BUF during its 1930s heyday. We pay for videos too. [397] It did better in subsequent by-elections; in the 1972 Uxbridge by-election it received 8.2% and in the 1973 West Bromwich by-election it received 16%, the first time that the party saved its electoral deposit. On 23 August 1999, Martin was charged with the murder of Barras, the attempted murder of Fearon, wounding with intent to cause injury to Fearon, and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. [370] Fielding found that "ordinary members feel uneasy about Britain's present political life but cannot express why this is". [84], In the 1979 general election, the NF contested the largest number of seats of any insurgent party since Labour in 1918. [395], The National Front never gained a seat in the British House of Commons. Ex-LEL members wanted another base in Central London, while the ex-GBM and ex-BNP factions favoured moving into the GBM's old headquarters, the "Nationalist Centre" in Tulse Hill. [447], British fascist and white supremacist political party. [317], The Front claimed that its members only resorted to violence in self-defence. [264] As a solution to unemployment, the party stated that it would encourage urban-to-rural migration, with heavily mechanised agriculture being replaced by small, privately owned, labour-intensive farms. [261] In the party's material from 1980, it claimed that "Capitalism and Communism" were "twin evils" to be overcome by "Revolutionary Nationalism". [187] Fielding nevertheless observed that the NF's racial views rely "as much on blind assertion, on faith, as on 'scientific' sources". Burglary and shooting.

Martin did not hold a valid shotgun licence, nor the more restrictive Firearms Certificate he would have needed to possess the Winchester pump action shotgun that held a maximum of five rounds. [35] The party held its first annual conference in October 1967, which was picketed by anti-fascist demonstrators. It is interesting that the NF […] has tried to develop a 'two-track' strategy.

[21] They considered various names for the new party, among them the "National Independence Party" and the "British Front",[22] before settling on the "National Front" in December 1966.

We will support whatever political methods are necessary to attain that end. The NF calls for an end to non-white migration into the UK and for settled non-white Britons to be stripped of their citizenship and deported.

[192] In the 1970s, the NF stated that it did not oppose the arrival of white immigrants from Commonwealth countries,[193] but called for "firm controls" on the migration of whites from elsewhere.

[46] Against Chesterton's wishes, NF activists carried out publicity stunts: in December 1968 they marched onto a London Weekend Television show uninvited, and in spring 1969 assaulted two Labour Party ministers at a public meeting, thus accruing a reputation for rowdiness. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. [65] 54 candidates were fielded at the February 1974 general election,[66] a sufficient number to guarantee a free party political broadcast. He had been elected to the council in May 2008 as a representative of the BNP, before defecting to England First Party in June 2009, and then to the NF. [323] For instance, in February 1974, several men put up NF posters in Brighton, assaulted passers by whom they accused of being Jewish, and attacked staff at the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) bookshop. [208], The NF is antisemitic. Its content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. [303] In April 1974, the party introduced regional councils to co-ordinate between the national party and its local groups and branches. [255] Its opposition to unrestricted free markets led various Conservatives to regard it as a socialist party, a classification not endorsed by academic observers. [442] Far-left and left-wing activists demonstrated outside NF meetings, encouraging landlords to bar the NF from using their premises,[439] and in some instances physically attacked NF members. [131] The NF's founders tried to present it as a nationalist party unconnected to historical fascism, recognising that this would be vital if it were to succeed as an electoral force.

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