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Here you will find popular Twilight fanfiction that have 10000 reviews or more. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 59 - Since: 06-23-09 - Founder: LolaShoes, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 58 - Since: 10-05-09 - Founder: duskwatcher2153. Be it a goddess, a witch, an angel, or something else, this girl is powerful. Human and Vampire stories but only the best ones.

This girl is Bella.

If u have any other stories that u think deserve to be on this please tell me... English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 53 - Since: 08-02-10 - Founder: JiaT, Escritoras pasionadas por Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Most of these are Canon Relationships within ALL of the Couples in Twilight! So subscribers who have liked the e/b only, I'm sorry. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 58 - Since: 07-17-08 - Founder: cynablaze, If you're looking for stories with Twilight characters in BDSM scenarios with the Ladies in charge for once, you're in the right place. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 36 - Since: 10-03-08 - Founder: Naomi Black x, This is a community where edward cullen is a teacher, professer, and sometimes doctor, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 36 - Since: 02-27-09 - Founder: jazzberry.

English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 60 - Since: 12-06-08 - Founder: ShinyPixieDust.

Right now, I am sorta obsessed with stories where Bella isn't human, or at least a normal human anyway. We love them, we have compiled the finniest, sexiest, most adventurous, lemons-galore fanfiction we have encountered! English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 36 - Since: 12-13-09 - Founder: missingcolton. Only canon stories.

this is a smut and imagines for the book and movie series twilight.

Bella & Carlisle FanFiction, only the best, most reviewed and loved. English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 33 - Since: 10-05-11 - Founder: AgeOfEdward2012. These are all the completed stories I have come across messing around on this website. Just like the title says, some of my most favorite darkward/possessiveward fanfics. These are good stories that happen after Breaking Dawn... PM me if you have any suggestions! Be sure to select the "Fiction Rating: All" to see all of the entries.

For all of those femslash stories featuring Bella that are rare pairings- Bella/Angela, Bella/Jessica, Bella/Rosalie, Bella/Leah, Bella/Tanya, Bella/Kate, Bella/Irina, and any other rare femslash pairing featuring Bella Swan. How many times have you read the exact same story over and over again? Have you got a few of your favourite ff stories on slow update or hiatus?

English - Staff: 10 - Followers: 37 - Since: 05-21-06 - Founder: inu16kags Most of them are rated M so set the drop down list! AU, Canon, you name it, we have them all.

Great twilight stories...It has dark and bossy edward, dom edward, dirty talking edward as well as jasper alice carlise rosalie emmette and esme!

¡Conozcamos las historias que no están en nuestro idioma!

Yup, that's the kind of summary you won't find in here. Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, the works of it. Here are some beloved Edward x Bella stories set in times other than the present.

“Tal vez sea posible controlar los pensamientos, pero difícilmente se podrá dejar de pensar. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 60 - Since: 08-09-08 - Founder: Fall Down Again Bella, Concours D'OS francophone Mostly M-rated -, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 35 - Since: 08-15-10 - Founder: ChocMcMuffin. There's really no bias as to who ends up with who, just well written works of art. google_ad_height = 600; Twilight X Reader Oneshots And Imagines Bad Dreams Jasper, ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ Forever Gryffindor Wattpad, Volturi King Imagines Lemon One Shots Self Harm, The Worst Object Show One Shots Ever Spoiled Lemon, Fanfiction Twilight Lemons Bella And Phil, Fanfiction Twilight Lemons Edward And Bella, Bathroom Pull Cord Switch For Light And Fan. The best example I have is Wide Awake...brilliant, sexy, funny and haunting. If you want to join this community pm and i'll see what I can do! Canon pairings.

*Contains All Human and AU fics, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 52 - Since: 05-18-08 - Founder: Marie Pattin.

*enjoy*, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 37 - Since: 10-30-10 - Founder: CCisGod.

What happened after? Well written, quality fanfiction. I'll be doing the contest again after the New Year sometime. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 33 - Since: 09-04-08 - Founder: TwilightBrightStar.

For iPhone, iPod, Android, Web OS, Blackberry and Opera Mini. Recommendations encouraged please! English - Staff: 5 - Followers: 60 - Since: 08-04-08 - Founder: Annilaia. These are the lemons that make you moan. These stories are well written and stay with you for a while after you've read them.

There's something for everyone on here. Dec 23, 2012 - ALL COMPLETED works of Twilight Fan Fiction that include cannon couples (Edward & Bella focused) across all types of genres. Or will the evil Professor James ruin all her new plans?" This is a collection of Jasper Bella pairings, only completed fics will appear on this community.

Check out these completed fics.

*if you're getting an email for an added story, disregard. The worst object show one shots ever spoiled lemon tls s and lemons fanfiction dirtybj fanfiction jenrar fanfiction sarahcullen17 fanfiction, Xoxomrsedwardcullenxoxo fanfiction cravingtwilight fanfiction what pas should know about fanfiction cnn stars library erflybetty carl grimes x reader slight every fandom one shots. Some fics are complete but have been removed from this site & some are complete but just waiting for an epi. Either that or stories where Bella has a secret that nobody knows about.

enjoy, English - Staff: 5 - Followers: 59 - Since: 12-19-09 - Founder: Bloody Valentine Contest. Come on click the little button you know you want to! These stories have a good plot and have very few grammar and spelling mistakes.

English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 54 - Since: 10-15-12 - Founder: RedViolet101. For detailed rules, go to LolaShoes' or tby789's profile or see entry.

Fanfiction Twilight Lemons Graphic One Shot. I had no submissions so I'm changing the community to my need to read list. Una lista de los fics de Twilight más destacados, sin restricciones.

A compilation of all the one shots written for 'A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words' Contest.

All human or not.

net/u/2095468/The_Best_of_Edward (todo junto chicas), English - Staff: 32 - Followers: 53 - Since: 01-25-09 - Founder: Poemusician.

Any story where Bella and Jasper are together. It's all here - the best of the best in Twi-Pack lemons, limes and everything in between. As the title say, this is a community for the reading the books of the Twilight saga and its aftermath stories.

These stories have kept me entertained between updates and given me the INSTANT satisfaction of being able to read through to the end!

Remember M rating to view the contents! Wolves?

English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 37 - Since: 01-15-11 - Founder: CandlelightRise. English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 61 - Since: 07-26-11 - Founder: twilight lemon 120 Dark Edward /Possessive Edward/Controlling Edward /Mental+Mob Edward Just like the title says, some of my most favorite darkward/possessiveward fanfics. T - M themes, all genres, canon or non-canon. Welcome to the realm of the long-lost art: well-written ca, English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 32 - Since: 06-25-09 - Founder: PrincessFerdinand, A list of all stories that aren't Edward/Bella, English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 32 - Since: 10-13-08 - Founder: Rocker-Chick-12345. PM me if you have a story that you want me to add. English - Staff: 18 - Followers: 36 - Since: 08-11-09 - Founder: Awen Granger. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 35 - Since: 11-25-12 - Founder: Liz Evans Potter. (ExB, AxJ, RxEm, CxEs, Jacob...) Aletrnate Universes (AU), All Human (AH), Vampire, Wolf, and some mixed (with Bella as the vamp and such.

No Edward; Carlisle & Bella's turn to shine English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 36 - Since: 11-01-09 - Founder: artbeatsandlife, E&B completed stories only - Looking for some saucy seduction, some smutty goodness, just click here. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 32 - Since: 02-18-09 - Founder: limona.

AQUI PONDREMOS LOS QUE CONSIDERAMOS LOS MEJORES LEMONS DE CREPUSCULO.... English - Staff: 11 - Followers: 53 - Since: 08-14-09 - Founder: beckyabc2. More Favs on my Profile!

Will she find a new set of friends? But by an odd twist of fate, Bella ends up rooming with the elusive Jasper.

A mix of the best stories, with one thing in common- they're unique! He Did, She Said by Leah C. Drawn ~ Complete Summary: She had one job and she did it well, like she did everything else. Recolectamos los mejores fanfics donde él sale en todo su esplendor.

i do not own any of the characters. Stories in this community are as the name say-Totally In Canon, No All Humans or Alternate Universe Stories. These are stories where Edward left but did not come back. Mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. These are all the stories about these two that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Most of the stories are in the present or future and the past has some amazing chances to be heard. Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. (A few have been edited and reposted to in M-rated versions.). The lifestlyes are different and the characters are allowed to do different things. The stories on this list are mostly multi-chapters and have to be well-written, accurately researched and represented with a substantial plot. Enjoy!

Breaking Dawn stopped very abruptly. Some chapters might not be smut or even dirty Female Reader one-shots. If you don't already suffer from Insomnia or Sleep Deprivation, you soon will!

Twilight x Reader x Harry Potter M... by Kyliecharm 147K 3.6K 36 After Y/N fourth year at Hogwarts you felt unsafe in the wizarding world knowing the dark lord is back and after your best friend Harry Potter.

English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 56 - Since: 05-20-08 - Founder: Laura178. PM me if you know of any good stories not listed here!

English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 61 - Since: 07-26-11 - Founder: twilight lemon. Mostly AH - Only the good ones, any way. Human? I am continuing add fics, so just be patient.

SUBSCRIBE! English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 33 - Since: 06-30-08 - Founder: nocturnal-nightmare. All English, any ratings, and any pairings. Who doesn't love Jacob and his precious half-vampire?

This girl is deadly.

It's All human, set around at least one of the main Twilight six (Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett or Rosalie), all set at college/uni/high school! Think Leah's hot?

Some good One-Shot Lemons... JayeliWood's Sexy-Edward, among them. Have a passion for Jake?

Mi placer culpable es el escribir, ¿y el tuyo?. Full descriptions available on the List of All MMADfan Fics.. All of these stories are available on An Archive of Our Own and The Petulant Poetess. ALL RATINGS! English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 32 - Since: 04-17-09 - Founder: SecretEmpath, "Twenty-something rebel Bella is going to college with her triplet siblings Emmett and Paul, and her best friends Leah and Lauren.

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