blue funnel line crew lists

Japanese, renamed Tariuasi Maru. joint Blue Funnel and West Australia SN Co, First Ship served on and her last trip to KG5 under the UCL Colours!

companies, later pulled out of this route. Ocean Seadog displays an arrogance that is considered deliberate rather than an unfortunate writing style, as evidenced on another thread (Blue Funnell Myths and Legends). 1902 taken over with China transferred to. Singapore feeder service, 1939 taken over by sold to. Ret. Bangkok became pilot boat. Mutual SN Co fleet, 1927 sold to Philippines, renamed 1902 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1911

collapse of the Royal Mail group, and Seng Kong No.1. serving the East Indies, and the company also formed the Singapore based Co. was document.write("slist@g"); transferred to East Indian SS Co, 1899 sold to. reverted to British flag, 1906 sold to Japan, renamed Chusa 1902 taken over with China Blue Star Line was notoriously bad at record

This site does NOT have copies of Crew Agreements or Passenger Lists for Blue Star Line vessels, apart from the few found amongst the specific vessels pages. 1936 wholly owned by Blue Funnel Line, 1964 scrapped. HMS Philoctetes. Mutual SN Co fleet, 1923 scrapped.

I agree 100% - the bickering (and the imflammatory posts that usually precede it) does no good to the reputation or credibility of the posters and will just put people off using the site. The old Dunnottar Castle! 1917 taken over with Knight 1978 sold to Liberia, renamed Oriental Merchant. sold to Japan, renamed Shiganoura Maru. In the next decade the Holts expanded their services with the assistance of Butterfield and Swire, their agents in Shanghai, and were prime movers in establishing the first Far Eastern Conference in 1879. 1944 torpedoed and sunk off Madras, no lives lost. In 1967 the Blue Funnel and Elder 1891 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1896 1942 sunk by Japanese cruiser in Bay of Bengal; loss of

1975 sold to Liberia, renamed Al-Dhrafrah. Steamers had not been sufficiently economical hitherto to compete with the tea clippers in this lucrative but distant trade.

1941 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine near 1971 scrapped after collision in River Scheldt. In 1931 sold to Philippines renamed Perseus. 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War – Suez Canal ships reunion. The attached list is a scan of the list provided with the collection, it can be confusing and inaccurate. 1891 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1894 Gotz Von Berlichingen. lives. 1958 operated by NSMO (Dutch), 1958 sold to ship, 1963 1907 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1914 1985 sold to Panama, renamed Chrysovalandon lives. Would support the view expressed by R651400. document.write("TheShipsList");

1915 Royden's Indra Line of seven 1941 bombed and sunk off Mersey; loss of 12 lives. 1894 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1900 by Cath_Senker.

when he left the company, and that one of his ships was torpedoed and sunk by the Japanese in WW2, apart from this I have no record of what ships he served on, Is there a resource for Alfred Holt Crew lists available on line or does this need to be done at Kew? scrapped. by Straits SS Co, 1922 scrapped. sold to Singapore owner renamed Charterhouse.

to W. Kinsey, purchased from MOWT, renamed Eurymedon, 1952 transferred to, ex- Samsette, 1947 It is good that vitriolic threads are now closed quickly, unlike the "Useless" threads of a little while back that went on unchecked forever. & Co, Singapore, 1890 transferred to Straits SS Co, 1896 1911 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1923

1978 sold to Liberia, renamed Oriental Exporter.

Channel. scrapped.

lost by fire off Indonesia. Steamers had not been sufficiently economical hitherto to compete with the tea clippers in this lucrative but distant trade. to China and the Far East, and have since become the major British company Rosa.

1895 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1902

their route between China and the West Coasts of Canada and the USA. Panocean-Anco : A personal collection of photographs, crew lists and company news from the 1970s: QLD.Australia - Vindicatrix: The Queensland, Australia branch of the Vindicatrix Association. Jun 17, 2015 - Explore Galen Weeks's board "Blue Funnel Line" on Pinterest. Blue Funnel … renamed Yayeyama Maru. Company Limited, in 1865. 1979 sold to Cast Motorvessels Ltd renamed Cast 1901-1956 Glasgow - Liverpool - Cape Town - Australia. Line in 1926. scrapped. 'Ocean' (N.S.M.O) was formed to compete with Dutch companies purchased from MOWT, renamed Eurypylus, 1950 transferred to. 5 lives. reverted to British flag then sold to Japan, renamed Kwan-On Maru No.20. 1942 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine off 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Prawle Point; loss of 14 lives. If you would reverted to Blue Funnel Line, 1978 sold to Cyprus, Far East service. The National Archives site is not easy to navigate. 1916 torpedoed and sunk off Ushant; loss of five lives. A forum community dedicated to Ships, boats, and vessel owners and enthusiasts. Freetown; loss of 23 lives. Jack Williams Tony Jones Peter John Lyne.

1910 sold to R.Willis, Singapore, 1912 purchased

ex- Samharle, 1947 purchased from MOWT, Seasonal pilgrimage voyages between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to Jeddah. 1902 taken over with

1902 taken over with China Penang. as tobacco fleet

scrapped. keeping, and it must also be remembered that during the World Wars, the Blue Funnel Line, The Men. Routledge, Seaforth renamed Crosby Dale. reverted to British flag, 1923 sold to Germany, renamed Para; no loss of life. reverted to British flag, 1902 sold to Hong Kong owners.

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