how to call on the iyami aje

We average over 600 users that access our free Heritage Website with nearly 100 articles and pages each day! The term Aje is derogatory when used to designate a Woman as a Witch.

Odu Logboje is the one who received the power over the world in the Calabash, the power itself symbolized by the bird. were sleeping. in strength, clarity, wisdom, love, light. There are Male sorcerers, by the way, called Oso (osho), but they aren’t as powerful as the Women. It is believed these Women organize at night and transform into birds and go out and engage in maleficent acts. Witches take part in some obscure nocturnal orgies for which one member of the Witch party must supply a human child. Thanks. I can’t be purchased or sold at any price. Today, we need your help through donations to keep the information sharing on this website alive! 10“Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me. In traditional Ifa: Iyaami Osoronga is the foundation of everything!!! I cannot sleep at night. This is a reference to the ability of the Iyami to astral travel. The fact that there are so many stories about the polarity of Male-Female energy, suggests that in Yoruba thought, this polarity is in constant flux and plays a primary role in life on earth. This mostly depends on the interest or love the witchcraft Woman has in the person that is going to possess it. Calling out all mothers, the power you play with transcends water, earth, fire, and wind. To feed the Aje one must either feed them through Eshu, Orita Meta-3 road junction…, No one knows the actual Aje shrine, however according to Elders and what Ifa says, we know that the name of their house is called Ota and the name of their shrine is called Idi. Witchcraft bought with money is not given directly, it can be given through foods such as baked beans Akara , Kola, Porridge, red Yam and many other native foods. Aje Pupa (Red) :  Witches are most dangerous, they have power to kill, they drink blood and eat flesh d, they punish their victims and give no room for forgiveness even up to their own children. We strive to eradicate spiritual poverty by imparting divine inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, and innerstanding to this nation of Africans born in the diaspora who have lost their cultural way.

There’s more to me than the human eye can see. In order to do the pact or harmonious relationship called Imule, it’s important to identify the following – Imule Aje-pact with witches – Imule Osho-pact with wizards – Imule Emere-pact with Egbe spirits and Abiku. Dancing together allows all to be honored.

When I read this piece of literature, it showed me that I must build a spiritual and then physical House in reverence of the Great Mothers. When this is taken, the power will start to grow, until when the person will start to fly at night. The term Aje is derogatory when used to designate a Woman as a Witch. The members of Aje Dudu are predominantly female hardly can you find any Male among them. But it is necessary and matter of must, to give this witchcraft power to somebody before she should die. The red tail feather of the parrot is used as a sign of witchcraft power and may be placed in the calabash or in the tree containing witchcraft power. In addition, another reason why many people undergo hardships because they may avoid the essence of respect or humility towards there physical mothers of their own ancestral lineage. As our elders say " it takes a village to raise a child". In order to do the pact or harmonious relationship called Imule, it’s important to identify the following – Imule Aje-pact with witches – Imule Osho-pact with wizards – Imule Emere-pact with Egbe spirits and Abiku. The more widely known aspect of Iyami is as the elderly Women who keep the Calabash that has the bird.

Our first line of defense is our UNITY, and connection with the Divine Feminine. A person can buy witchcraft power or may, as well, inherit it from another person. 9Then I looked up—and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! Witchcraft power is a kind of immaterial substance which may be kept in a Calabash hidden in a hole in the wall of a Witch’s house or in a hollow tree.

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