he calls me baby but i'm not his girlfriend

If you really like him, there’s a way to make his intentions match yours. When he sees that he’s losing you, he will call you ‘baby’ to get your attention because it’s his way to lure you into his toxic world. Because if he does any of these things, he's just not that into you. Occasionally it's sweet and romantic to get straight to the act. He's not going into this thing until he knows you are 100% for sure, no doubt about it, absolutely saying yes to being his girlfriend. It may also mean he likes you in a special way. If he’s putting enormous efforts to amaze you and make you feel truly appreciated and then another day you barely recognize him, this could be a sign that he’s a player trying to play you.

Actually, it's more than good, it's great. If he can't send you heart eyes, he does't deserve your heart eyes.

If he did not use it from the start, the chances are he has some feelings for you. Again, if this doesn’t bother you, there’s no need to worry about it. And he’ll keep calling you ‘baby’ until you notice it. It’s up to you to differentiate the persons and situations, and I hope this list will help you find the real reason why is he calling you ‘baby’. For the past 2 months he's been calling me baby. Sometimes the guy you’ve just met is only interested in getting you into bed, and he’ll do anything to succeed. I never once called him out on it but when I'm mad at him and he calls me baby or his girl I yell at him and say I'm not your anything. E.g. If the answer is no, and you’ve been dating for some weeks/months, then you’re probably not his girlfriend.

He tries to change the way you look – If he tells you he "wishes you had long hair again," or he really prefers when you dress a certain way, he's not into you, he's into what you look like.

The biggest question of all is: why do guys do it?

Like Dua Lipa always says, "Don't pick up the phone / You know he's only callin' 'cause he's drunk and alone.".

He talks to you about people he used to sleep with – If he talks to you about fucking another girl, he's probably masturbating to the thought of fucking that other girl, too. He refuses to use emojis when he texts you – His lame ass isn't better than emojis. Friends tend to do that because baby is more like a universal word for showing affection and appreciation to the people who are close to you. If he flips his phone over when he's with you, or won't let you borrow it to look at something, it's because he's texting someone else. He even drove 2 hours to spend a night in a hotel with me!

Now that dating apps have become more and more commonplace, even people in relationships keep them on their phone with the excuse "Oh, it's just still there," or "I'm not actually talking to people on it."

You have to have sex every time you hang out – Sex is good.

She is your light, your universe, your everything. It's such a simple request, and I will never understand why it trips boys up so much. Like hell he's not. If he does, it means he’s proud of you and wants everyone to show what a wonderful girlfriend he has. Are they doing it because they like you, and they want to flatter you or they are doing it in order to sexualize you?

Nobody has enough space on their phone for unnecessary apps. It can also be that you’ve never seen the guy before and he starts showering you with different compliments among which is, of course, – baby.

This one is mostly related to the guys with whom you’ve just started dating.

How do they want you to feel when they say it to you?

He never double texts – I get not wanting to be the one who always double texts, but if he doesn't follow up a conversation killer with a question to keep things going, he's not really into the conversation. Here is the list of possible reasons that may help you in future to understand why someone is calling you ‘baby’. He never lends you any of his clothing – We don't want your favorite sweater, we literally just want one of your shirts so we can sleep in it. Perhaps influenced by the 1956 film Baby Doll where a much older man marries a girl simply named Babydoll who is on the cusp of childhood and womanhood or appears that way.

on a Saturday night is not the same as "Are you free this week?" HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Some women like it, others are appalled by it, but one thing is for sure – many of them still don’t know the true meaning behind it. He's secretive about his phone – This is a reaaaaaally bad sign. Guys are really weird when it comes to this.

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