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[79] They continue to exchange attacks and Rogue and Sting exclaim that they will take Mard down in order to bring Minerva back with them. The possessed Rogue is then told that Rogue, whose real name is Ryos, was Gajeel's sworn younger brother, and that his feelings towards him were fear-based, rather than those of admiration. Rogue then watches, perplexed, as Gajeel consumes the shadows around him.

She joined a guild called "Fairy Tail" on the day her foster mom, who's also a dragon named Oceana, went missing. Fairy Tail Rogue Cheney (Future) (ローグチェーニ Rōgu Chēni) is Rogue Cheney's future counterpart. Happy | Beth Vanderwood | Kenichi Suzumura

Too late to stop Natsu, Rogue angrily says that he has no idea what just occurred. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki | Red Ultear Milkovich‡ |

[44] Rogue is, afterwards, left immobilized beside Sting, astonished by Natsu's strength. While possessed Rogue was attacked by Cobra, who so far blocked all of his attacks, Rogue begin his inner fight within the mind and the Dark Rogue. Enhanced Reflexes: While employing Shadow Drive, Rogue proved limber enough to dodge several of Gajeel's own Iron Dragon Slayer Magic Spells, and, afterwards, effectively counterattacking the Iron Dragon Slayer, who, for a time, was unable to follow his erratic movements. Portrayal Edolas Max | Edolas Mirajane | Eye Color

Sherry Blendy‡ | Fairy Tail Warcraft Age: The Colorful Days, This only causes the Demon to become livid though, and he vows to no longer hold back. [61], Rogue then gathers with Fiore's Magic Guilds, cheering as they take up arms to battle against the upcoming attack from the Dragons accepting the King's request. After Yukino lost her match against Kagura and was subsequently humiliated and excommunicated by their Guild Master, he told Sting that despite her failure, she was still their comrade. Then, as they are out of energy, the Twin Dragons agree to leave the rest of the war in Fairy Tail's hands. As Sting calls him scum for abandoning his comrades, Lector and Frosch appear praising the two Dragon Slayers. He has a aloof, antisocial and distant personality, much in contrast to Sting's calm, friendly and cheerful attitude. 15 year old (Y/N) Dragneel is targeted by all the dark guilds in Fiore all because of her Underworld Dragon Slayer Techniques. Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Rogue, shaking: Hi yeah, what the actual, literal, GENUINE fuck does this mean?! Aries | Rogue is then shocked to witness an enraged Sting attack Jiemma.

Happy | You’re just angry because Natsu told Sting he had a nice ass three weeks ago. 's seal and return to Zeref, Rogue tells him that he can go to Zeref by himself if he wants it that much. [7] During the war against Tartaros, Rogue put his hair up in a ponytail, furthering his overall resemblance to his future self. Frosch then asks if it will also disappear because it's weak, but Rogue says that it won't since Frosch is with him. Ren Akatsuki | After telling Jiemma that they've turned Sabertooth into the guild it was meant to be, a guild of friendship and love, Jiemma brutalizes the Shadow Dragon Slayer whilst making claim that he and Sting ruined his vision of the guild. I didn't understand, but now I do.

The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth. In place of the cloth tie he used in his last outfit, Rogue now has an ascot that is tied around his neck, but lies beneath the cloak instead of around it. Sting: What is the sun protecting its eyes from? [31] The second day ends with Sabertooth gaining 0 points, moving them down to second place. Pantherlily | Jiemma, Mard Geer Tartaros, Alvarez Empire, His future self Below it, Rogue seems to wear a plain gray shirt with prominent brown cuffs and what looks like a large metal band circling each of his biceps. Age Lucy Heartfilia | Family Type of Hero With the crowd startled by this comeback, Gajeel recovers only to be told that Rogue has been overtaken by his shadow. Left Shoulder The shadows produced by Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic are able to be utilized in several different ways, allowing for a high level of adaptability; the shadows are able to be released in freeform, as condensed, or even molded into the shape of a weapon, taking on the properties of said chosen shape. [32], That night, Rogue is present with the rest of his guild when Sabertooth's Guild Master, Jiemma, talks about how Sabertooth is supposed to be the strongest guild. Rogue is a playable character in Fairy Tail (Video Game). Sting: We start with 369 when we’re babies but they fuse as we grow. Sherry Blendy‡ | Frosch | His katana is carried too. Ashamed of the meaning of his name, as a child, Rogue referred to himself as Ryos. Skiadrum (Foster Father; Deceased) Virgo | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fairy Tail Stingue Sting Eucliffe Rogue Cheney ... Sting and Rogue going to the GMG Ball and people watching as they act like the dorks they are. Game Debut Sawyer | [101], After the Alvarez Empire invades Magnolia, Rogue stands with his guildmates, prepared to enter battle after hearing Ichiya's call to arms. Moreover, when Rogue's and Gajeel's first round was over, the "Shadow" said, that Rogue must kill his enemy i.e. Sting and Rogue run down the hallway, looking for the intruder, only to find several of their guildmates being attacked by a livid Natsu, leaving the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth speechless. Gajeel then brutalizes the possessed Dragon Slayer and, as the possessed Rogue notes that he does not know this Gajeel, he throws him into the air, once more telling the being to vanish. [3] Ashamed of the meaning of his name, as a child, Rogue referred to himself as Ryos (ライオス Raiosu). Also, on his arms and legs, Rogue was seen to have some armour. Shadow Dragon Slayer...that will be a cool magic to have :). "She's right, Wendy," He said. Natsu Dragneel | I listen to rock and metal sometimes a little pop. Gets extreme motion sickness when riding on transportation. Lector | [140], Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While always carrying around a sword by his side, Rogue's melee moves shown so far are unarmed ones, and include punches, kicks, and elbows. However, both Dragon Slayers rise and tell Jiemma that he was the one that made the guild weak and that as they have started Sabertooth over from square one, it is their job to end him. Yukino Agria‡ | The mysterious voice turns out to be Rogue's Shadow, the darkness of Rogue's heart that represents another possible future. Levy McGarden | [147], At their guild, Rogue closes his eyes as Sting, now the Master of Sabertooth, demands Yukino to take her clothes off, however, he too removes his when Sting remarks that it's to play in their new pool. Rōmaji Ren Akatsuki | Such an act earns Rogue a reprimanding by Sting, and as Carla points them back in the direction, Rogue continues calling out for his friend. Rogue: I saw an explosion, and wondered, who could that be?

From a light sash circling his waist hangs a distinctive, pale blue cloth waistguard, consisting of four long pieces of cloth reaching down below his knees. (Y/N) is a requip mage that joined Fairy Tail four years after the Tenrou team disappeared. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Garret Storms in the English version of the anime. Risley Law | Taking Natsu's words to heart, Rogue silently realizes that Sabertooth is completely devoid of camaraderie. Finally, Rogue had a katana on his waist from the left side.

Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney (born January 30, 1941) is an American politician and businessman who was the 46th Vice President of the United … He is pushed back a distance, while Gajeel states that it's impossible for Rogue to surpass him in a single day and that if Rogue couldn't defeat Natsu, then there's no way that he, himself, could be defeated. Bickslow | "You must believe in yourself! Such an act earns Rogue a reprimanding by Sting, and as Carla points them back in the direction, Rogue continues calling out for his friend. Unison Raid: A spell which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined, stronger attack. Rogue states that things change over time and that they have become "real" Dragon Slayers, additionally claiming the old generation to be over. Goals

After the smoke created by the explosion clears, a weakened Rogue states that he can't see the bottom of Natsu's power, and then falls to the ground, knocked out.

Enhanced Endurance: Rogue has shown to possess a high amount of physical endurance, being able to confront two fellow Dragon Slayers at the same time with his partner Sting, being struck by powerful melee blows from both Gajeel and Natsu, all the while showing moderate signs of weariness and, in the end, still having the strength to stand back up and barrage his opponents with powerful Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Spells.

All rights go to Fairy Tail's creator, Hiro Mashima. Lyon Vastia | Edolas Droy, Team Tenrou‡ Elfman Strauss | Loke | Lucy Heartfilia | Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Rogue is adept in melee combat, being highly skilled in generally punches, kicks and elbows. Everyone is then told that the Dragons have already died and had their souls taken from them by Acnologia years ago, which gave them half-lives.

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