canik 55 tp9 sf elite s yorumlar

This pistol shoots Do not get involved in Government brain wash OF COURSE YOU DO (like 1/2 of everything in your house!). Eat your butter eat your chicken turkey turkey all day and all night Government ruins us It’s a Turkish company that makes CZ’s OU shotguns. The sturdy, captured recoil spring soaks up the recoil on spicier varieties of 9x19mm.

While this is no custom match-grade handgun, the TP9SF Elite will likely out-shoot its owner. That remarkable aircraft sported a Jumo 210A 600-horsepower engine driving a fixed-pitch two-bladed propeller. The only thing I would like to see Canik do different is a paddle mag release. me ol’ lady just inherited a building in istanbul (her old man stowed away to escape to here; loong sturry). There IS a moderately priced Girsan with a built-in red dot I like but sadly also Erdogan-land…Merry CHRISTmas everyone! Caliber: 9x19mm Restrictions apply for some areas in the US, please read this entire ad carefully before offering to buy. Turkey is still a “third world” county, why would i trust their technology? The front fiber optic pipe is on the small side, trading some brightness for a better view of your target inside the U-notch. Good functional Tech at great prices?? Show Only Non-Guns. The low I.Q. Show Only Guns I really dig the Canik, I don’t really care where it comes from, only what I can do with it. The TP9SF Elite is equipped with a set of Warren Tactical sights. This makes this new model that has no double action pull unsafe to carry and handle. Century Arms bills it as “match grade.” I will take their word for it from initial testing with offhand shooting at 20 yards with the aforementioned eyes. In fact, Canik is an EXCELLENT pistol, and I have the experience and ownership to know the difference. It’s not but a facade of either gun. Controls: Ambidextrous slide release/stop; reversible magazine release; no external safety The gun being described isn’t the correct gun. Can it Be? Am I the only one rolling my eyes and groaning upon hearing the name of this decidedly low-end of the gun line being called ‘Elite’? Going out on a limb here…Keep your booger hook off the bang switch. All Types  (5) I can’t see myself ever owning anything from Turkey. The pistol in the above article seems to lack the double action first shot capability and re-strike capability of the original Canik and ditto for the Walther P99. buy a junk Canik Terrorist Gun build by Terrorist for Terrorist! Value for value, the Canik TP9SF Elite is a clear standout in an increasingly crowded budget plastic fantastic 9mm market. Darwinism eliminates both of them sooner than later. To all the Turkey Trashers…. Cheers. Sweet . Canik TP9SFx 9mm, 5.2" Match Grade Barrel, Vortex Viper RDS, Tungsten Gray, 2x 20rd, Canik TP9SFx 9mm, 5.2", Black Polymer Frame, Black, 20 rds, Canik TP9SFx 9mm, 5.2" Match Grade Barrel, Fiber Optic Sights, Black, 2x 20rd, Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm, 3.6" Barrel, Black, Micro Red-Dot Base Plate, Holster, 2 Back Staps, 2 Mags, 12rd-15rd, Canik TP9DA DA/SA 9mm, 4.07" Match Barrel, Burnt Bronze, 2x18rd Mags, Canik TP9 Elite Combat 9mm Single 4.78" Threaded Barrel,, /18+1 Desert Tan Interchangeable Backstrap Grip Polymer Frame Desert Tan Cerakote Slide, 15 rd, Canik TP9F Elite Combat Executive 9mm, 4.73" Threaded Bbl, Vortex Viper, 15 & 18Rnd Mags, Canik TP9SFx 9mm, 5.2" Barrel, Flat Dark Earth, 2- 20rd Mags, Vortex Red Dot, Canik TP9SA Pistol 9mm 4.5" Barrel, Accessory Kit, 2X18rd Mags, Canik TP9SA, 9MM, 4.47" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Desert Tan, 2-18rd Mags, Accessory Package, Canik TP9SF Combat 9mm, 4.78" Threaded Barrel, Mag Well, FDE, Vortex Viper, 15rnd Mags, Century CanikTP9SA Mod.2 Single 9mm Luger 4.46" Barrel Desert Tan Interchangeable Grip 18rd Mag, Canik SF Series 9MM Desert Tan Cerakote Finish 2 10rd Mags, Canik TPPSFF Desert Pistol (Special Forces), Warren Sights, Accessory Kit, 2X18rd Mags 9mm, Canik TP9DA, DA/SA 9mm, 4.07" Match Barrel, Black, Dovetail Sights, 2x18Rnd Mags, Canik TP9SF Elite, 9mm, 4.19" Match Bbl,Tungsten Finish, 2x15Rnd Mags, Canik TP9SF One 9mm Tungsten/Black 18 Round, Canik TP9SFX 9mm, 5.2" Barrel, Black-White, Match Grade, 20rd, Canik TP-9 Elite Combat Executive, 9mm, 4.75" Barrel, 15rd, Salient Arms Upgrades, Black, Canik TP9 Elite SC 9mm, 3.6" Bbl, Two-Tone, 12 and 15 Round Mags Includes Shield SMS 2, Canik TP9 Elite SC Blackout Edition 9mm, 3.6" Barrel, Polymer, Black, Micro Red-Dot Base, Holster, Back Straps, 2x12rd, Canik TP9SA MOD 2 9mm, 4.46" Barrel, Black, 2x18rd Mags, Canik TP9SA MOD 2 9mm, 4.46" Match Barrel, Flat Dark Earth, 2x18rd Mags, Canik TP9SA Mod.2 9mm, 4.46" Barrel, Desert Tan, 18rd Mag, Canik TP9SA Mod.2 Single 9mm, 4.46" Bbll, 18rd, Canik TP9SF 9mm, 4.46" Barrel, Flat Dark Earth, Cerakote, Black, 18rd, Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm, ONE Series, 4.19" Bbl, 15rd, Black Cerakote, Canik TP9SF Elite SA/DA 9mm, 4.19" Barrel, 15rd Magazines, Canik TP9SF Elite-S 9mm, 4.19" Bbl, 15rd Magazines, Canik TP9SF Elite-S SA/DA 9mm, 4.19" BBL, OD Slide, 15rd, Canik TP9SF ONE Series, 9mm, 4.46", Warren Tactical Sights, Black Cerakote, 18rd, Canik TP9SFx 9mm, 5.2" Match Barrel, White Out Finish, 2x20rd Magazines, Canik TP9SFx 9MM, 5.2" Match Bbl, Flat Dark Earth, 2x20 Rcd Mags, Canik TP-9 Special Forces Threaded Barrel, Accessory Kit, 2X18rd Mags 9mm, Canik TP-9V2, 9mm, 4" Barrel, 18 Rd Mag, With Case, Canik TP9DA, 9mm, 4.07", 18rd, Black Cerakote, Canik TP9DA, 9mm, 4.07", 18rd, Burnt Bronze Finish, Canik TP9SA 9mm, 4.47" Barrel, 10rd, Adj. Not a one of the persons interred there passed from carrying or handling a revolver at full cock in single action mode. No difference between a pistol like the Glock and a revolver with the hammer cocked back. Everyone said it better than me would. I would not even buy Chinese made guns. I have three Walther P99 AS (love ’em!) Canik TP9SF Elite Review – My Coffee’s Wearing Off. (Note that the TP9SF Elite “S” features an additional trigger block safety that resembles a magazine release paddle.). Price: About $320 retail. NOT as accurate but much easier to carry. I am simply not going to buy a firearm made in Turkey when so many quality handguns are produced here. There are dozens of countries that don’t like US either, yet they use the M4’s and fly our helos and jets… The most important part of that equation is putting lead downrange where it’s needed. Because of so, they get the brunt of the conflict with Islamic terrorism. I have sold all my Sig’s 229’s and numerous Sphinx SPD’s for various reasons, and my Styer pistol was a complete failure. It would not cycle the second round after firing and ejecting the first. Grip texture, cocking serrations, and textured controls create a great out-of-the-box package that won’t require skateboard tape or aftermarket fixes to ready the handgun for service. For approximately half the price of its German ancestor, the TP9SF Elite delivers incredible value. The G-6 was easily twice as capable as the earlier A model. “…carrying and handling a revolver at full cock in single action mode.”. 910am - 2pm (MST)

Fit and finish, machining, and performance are all top notch. The TP9SFX with a Vortex is everything you could ever need for accuracy and consistent operation. This listing is for ONE Magazine. Cerakote on the metal surfaces ensures protection against sweat-induced corrosion for those wishing to carry IWB. It only takes a slight partial rack of the slide to reset the trigger. As for Chinese guns, please don’t buy them. Accuracy: * * * * Its 15+1 round capacity places it in the “compact” category alongside the GLOCK 19, Walther P99/PPQ, S&W M&P9 M2.0 Compact, etc.

Truth. Show Only with Pictures The Compact Canik TP9 SF Elite – Full Review. It was magazine-related. Sitting atop the polymer frame is a Tungsten Cerakote-finished steel slide. Runs damn fine. (I know they have our systems too, regardless. People from all over the world are born good.

These were designed to help with the ejection issues. I got one and I put shoot my buddy’s with Kimbers and Glocks ….. it’s just a good pistol for a good price! A punch is included to change back straps, though I have not found any need to deviate from the stock configuration. Cocking serrations are found forward and aft, and the slide contouring behind the chamber acts as another convenient area to grasp. sadly, they don’t make them any longer. The trigger alone separates the TP9SF Elite from its budget-minded competitors, and it will hold up favorably with most factory offerings from the bigger names in the business. The Canik TP9SF Elite ships with two 15-round magazines, an outside-the-waistband paddle holster with retention release, bore brush and cleaning rod rods, the obligatory trigger lock, changeable back strap, a magazine loader, and extra red and green fiber optic pipes for the front sight – all inside a hard plastic case. Classified Ad  (5), Search Full Text of Listings This listing is for THREE Magazines. The magazines come loaded in the case? I am proud of how the gun community. BUY IT NOW!! Preliminary testing has demonstrated that the TP9SF Elite delivers more than sufficient accuracy for casual, competitive, or defensive use. Visit your local graveyard. Impact also services the needs of law enforcement and military with our wide variety of tactical weapons and accessories. You can not find the gun you are describing for that price point.

It would just make me feel dirty. The recoil spring is very tight on Mine. Also, Canik makes parts for Boeing and Airbus planes, how many are going to start refusing taking flights? had a decocker making it a da/sa striker fire. … Don’t understand all the Turkey hate here. Please try a new zip code and search again. Oh, and I hate Glocks. ORDER BY PHONE 800-917-7137 The polymer trigger contains a red blade safety (drop safeties are also present inside). If I keep having trouble with it, I will sell it and Buy a M&P 2.0 9 MM with a 15 round magazine, expandable to 20. I believe Trader is correct. It happily accepted a full 15 rounds. The Nazis ultimately produced 33, 984 copies of the plane. It’s a damn good gun. It makes for an attractive two-tone finish without the stark contrast of polished stainless against a black frame. I am 66 and frankly I find it difficult to rack. The price was right, and I didn’t need to shell out extra for usable sights. The earliest German Messerschmitt Bf 109 A fighter plane first flew in 1937. You’re proud of how the gun community… what? Live free own a pistol that works for you. The safety notice only affects select polymer-frame Canik pistols, the TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite and the TP9SF Elite-S. As I examined this new Canik, I was thinking “Is this gun really the giant-killer that people who are much more tactical and cool than me are calling it?” Well, I set out to determine that for myself. Canik TP9SF The results so far have assuaged my fear that I was ordering a subpar facsimile. Blows my Taurus G3 out of the water. I would not buy a Turkey gun. It did not like aluminum or steel case ammo because of this either. Mon thru Fri: Repeating the full magazine +1 test with the second magazine ran without a hitch. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX AND READY TO SHIP! It’s not where she comes from but does she ride like a monkey For 250 bucks and 2 magazines. Canik TP9 Elite Combat 9mm Single 4.78" Threaded Barrel,, /18+1 Desert Tan Interchangeable Backstrap Grip Polymer Frame Desert Tan Cerakote Slide, 15 rd $849.99 $849.00

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