charles portal statue

The archivolts of the Ascension portal represent symbols of the zodiac and the labors of the months: Reading the outer archivolt clockwise, the figure at the bottom is the Labor for August with a man sheathing grain. tells you more! 16 Squadron flying RE8 aircraft on the Western Front at the same time. This statue can be found in an area of Victoria Embankment with other Military statues and memorials. [1] His younger brother Admiral Sir Reginald Portal (1894–1983) joined the Royal Navy and also had a distinguished career.

The theme of integration can also be seen in the overall programme of the sculptural decoration where all the elements are coordinated into a coherent iconographical plan focusing on the Comings of Christ in the Christian plan of history. [25], In March 1945, Churchill gave the final order to stop Portal's strategy of area bombing, after the firestorm of Dresden a few weeks earlier. [20] He was advanced to Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in the 1940 Birthday Honours. Close up of Lord Portal's statue on the Embankment.jpg 2,448 × 3,264; 3.46 MB The figures beneath them have been identified as Pythagoras and either Priscian or Donatus, two noted Latin grammarians.

Inform us! In October 1940 he was made Chief of the Air Staff, and remained in this post for the rest of the war. Do you have more information about this location?

He was the first who gave the order for the bombardement of Berlin. This makes an excellent comparison to the treatment of the same subject matter at Moissac: Compare and contrast especially the central figures of Christ in Majesty from the two tympana: The tympana, lintels, and archivolts thus focus on the pivotal events in Christ's mission as part of the Divine Plan: Christ's entrance into the world through the Incarnation, His departure with the Ascension completing his earthly ministry, and His Second Coming at the end of time. Compare for example the Royal Portals to the portal from Moissac: An important theme in Early Gothic sculpture like architecture is integration. He served as Controller of Production (Atomic Energy) at the Ministry of Supply for six years. [3] Around the same time, Portal was commended in Sir John French's first despatch of September 1914. more, Top Selling Tours & Activities in and around London.

He fended off attempts by the Royal Navy to take command over RAF Coastal Command, and resisted attempts by the British Army to establish their own Army Air Arm. Or are you interested in war medals and their recipients? [20] The second issue Portal had to resolve was the need for a renewed strategic bombing offensive. Christ as Wisdom is formally seated in the lap of His mother the Virgin who is understood as Ecclesia or the Church. A fine gentleman, I am not well up in WWII history and had no idea who Lord Portal of Hungerfod was and what he did to merit a statue, but luckily my husband is and was able to tell me that Lord Portal of Hungerford was "basically Bomber Harris' boss" ( I had heard of Bomber Harris) Lord Portal. [30] He was also awarded the American Distinguished Service Medal on 15 March 1946[31] and appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Dutch Order of Orange-Nassau on 18 November 1947. The family was originally of Huguenot descent, from the south of France. [32] He was also appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Belgian Order of the Crown with Palm and awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre, 1940, with Palm on 27 August 1948. Portal thought that the resulting damage to the German war effort and civilian morale would lead to victory within six months. In WWII, the early stages, he was commander-in-chief of the Bomber Command.

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