how to connect tubes to hamster cage

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Spine and back injuries can occur when a wheel diameter is too small and your hamster’s back is bent upwards. Hamsters naturally take to these wheels and don’t require any training. IKEA DETOLF – tip this on its side and take out the shelves. With some time and practice, your hamster can become a pro at maneuvering the ball to where it wants to go. Hamster Accessories and SuppliesGet Advice before BuyingHamster Ball Basics Hamster Wheel Tubes and Tunnels Hamster Houses Food Dishes Water Bottles Hamster Toilet Sand Bath When you provide your hamster with some basic cage accessories, you will dramatically improve your pet’s quality of life. If you cannot coerce him to leave the tube on his own, you may disconnect the tube from any other tubes or the cage and disassemble it. For added stability, many dishes can be secured to the wire bars of a hamster cage or plastic habitat. Likewise, if the diameter is too big for a baby or dwarf breed, it can lead to them being thrown around and could potentially cause injury. Kaytee Barn Habitat with Hay Silo, Kaytee My First Home Habitat For Pet Rats Boredom can often lead to unhealthy behaviors so add tubes, tunnels, toys and other accessories to keep your hamsters healthy. you can add a sand bath as in reptile sand or other safe sand in a dish the hamster will enjoy bathing in that .NEVER bath a hamster in water . photos: necrocake, bsabarnowl, cdrussorusso, fuzzcat, keren, jpockele. This an activity that’s typically a big hit among dwarf hamsters but not as much the larger breeds like the Syrian.If you add this accessory, you should be sure to buy chinchilla sand that doesn’t contain dust that can lead to respiratory problem in your hamster. Add a bit of soiled bedding into the bathroom to encourage the hamsters to use it. Additionally these cheap wheels can be rather noisy but might be fixed by adding a few drops of vegetable oil to the problem areas. A hamster will occasional have an accident in other areas of its cage or on some of its hamster accessories but the majority of its bathroom breaks will be done in its designated hamster toilet. It is impossible for your pet hamster to dig a deep burrow inside his cage but he may choose to use the tubes and tunnels you have given him to play in as a substitute burrow. if the hamster cage should have tight “wires” to prevent the hamster from escaping, how do i setup the hamster tubes if the tubes should be big enough for the hamster to get in?

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