remington 770 7mm mag specs

Nothing special, nothing unique. He is sold on the gun.

Hunting can be a test of patience and of endurance. I have hunted and shot competition for well over 50 years and I must say this model is what you want to make of it. Cartridges are important, but my point is that the 770 has gotten a bad rap, and only part of it is justified, in my opinion. I don’t mind tweaking for accuracy or to improve things, but I draw the line at dysfunctional. It’d have to be around $200-$250 and even then, it’d only for those with more time and patience than a little more money. The barrel length for the youth model measures 40.5 inches, standard models measure 42.5 inches and magnum models measure 44.5 inches. Eventually, you’ll have to make up your own mind about this rifle, but as far as actual performance is concerned?

Scope was a POS. Using accessories properly can really help you develop a more personal relationship with your rifle. I thought the safety was fine. You may find that this rifle is precisely what you have been looking for. i definately cannot go wrong for that. To be clear – yes, it is a budget rifle and is not presented as anything but that.

What you need is what you actually intend on using. I reload all my shells for the 770 and have found out that the gun works great with 150 and 165 gr lead. with six-groove rifling.". and the price included the mounted scope.

The Remington Model 700® CDL SF is the perfect blend of time-proven performance and modern updates. A sling is one of the first things people add, and for good reason. Tous droits réservés. Although I haven’t been able to try it out, I hope it’s as smooth as the 770. But pay attention and make minor modifications as needed, before you hunt with it. You can use a 7mm-08 for varmint hunting, long-range shooting, larger game hunting, and many other situations. If they do, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done, except call Remington and get a new stock in. Capacity: 4 + 1 Rounds, Mag-Fed. SEE THE RIFLE. The bolt, the stock, the trigger, poor cycling at times. 7mm-08 Remington: Introduced in 1980, this cartridge is known for its wide range of available loads. Ram it home at your peril: the mag is not particularly strong. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies I really wanted to see what this gun would do. The target market for the 770 is not experienced hunters, but rather those who only go on the occasional camping or hunting trip. I don’t think Remington still offers a warranty on their 770, but it’s still worth asking them., Weapons and ammunition introduced in 2007, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 March 2020, at 03:45.

Shot a deer with fusion ammo. Pretty sure all Remingtons have a Lifetime Warranty. The Remington 770 is Remington's "next generation" model of its famous 710 line of hunting rifles.

Like I said, the 770 gets a bad rap, and only some of it is justified. The magazine which I used was fine, but I did hear of other mags which failed often, and which caused a jam in the bolt. That’s because I’m going to try to convince any readers who are on the fence to not buy this rifle. I didn’t actually experience these but am only stating what I have been told and have read. But since those rifles ARE on the market at those prices, the 770 is not good for the price. I wanted another backup rifle, and I was thinking a Remington 783.

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